• 本报告是东方雨虹 2009 年建立报告发布制度以来,连续发布的第六份企业社会责任报告,是公司 2013 年度履行经济、环境、社会三大责任的真实反映。我们对相关情况做出如下说明:
    A real reflection to Oriental Yuhong's actions of implementing economic, environmental, and social responsibilities in 2013, this report is the sixth corporate social responsibility report (CSR report) since Oriental Yuhong established CSR report release system in 2009. The following are explanations to the CSR report.
  • 报告主体Scope of the Report

    The report is about Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd.
  • 指代说明Abbreviations Used

    The word "Oriental Yuhong" or "The company" herein refers to Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd.
  • 时间范围Reporting Period

    2013 年 1 月 1 日至 12 月 31 日。考虑到披露的延续性和可比性,部分信息内容在时间上向前或向后适当延伸。
    The reporting period is from January 1 to December 31, 2013. In consideration of continuity and comparison of disclosure, a part of information is extended back or forth on the basis of time.
  • 报告周期Reporting Cycle

    This report is published annually.
  • 编写原则Report compilation principles

    objectivity, standardization, sincerity, and transparency
  • 信息来源Sources of Data

    Related information and data herein are from Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. and its wholly-owned subsidies or holding companies.
  • 报告改进Report Improvement

    为了使报告更加客观、全面、重点反映公司的履责实践,2013 年报告增加了"提升产品和服务质量",细化"人权"等重要社会责任议题内容,在内容披露上更加注重案例的描述。 东方雨虹企业社会责任报告编写小组通过对所属企业履责情况进行实地调研,就企业案例的真实性进行筛选核准,在报告编写过程中广泛听取各方意见和建议,积极回应利益相关方的关注点。
    To make the CSR report more objective, comprehensive, and reflecting the company's CSR implementation, the new topic "improving product & service quality" is added to the CSR report for 2013 and the topic "human rights" includes more details. Furthermore, more importance is attached to the descriptions over corporate cases. On the basis of on-site investigation, screening and examination of the authenticity of corporate cases, in the process of report writing, the compilation team of the CSR report widely listened to the opinions and suggestions of different sides, and gave active responses to the concerns of stakeholders.
  • 编写依据编写依据

    参照全球报告倡议组织 (GRI) 《可持续发展报告指南》(G3.1)、参考中国社科院《中国企业社会责任报告编写指南(CASS-CSR2.0)》国际标准化组织《ISO26000:社会责任指南(2010)》和中国工业经济联合会《中国工业企业及工业协会社会责任指南 GSRI-CHINA2.0》编写。
    The report is prepared in accordance with Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (G3.1)by Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), The Guideline on Compilation of Corporate Social Responsibility Reports for Chinese Enterprises (CASS-CSR2.0) by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, ISO26000 Social Responsibility Guidance (2010)by International Organization for Standardization, and Guidelines on Social Responsibilities of Chinese Industrial Enterprises and Industrial Associations (GSRI-CHINA2.0) by China Federation of Industrial Economics.
  • 语言版本Language

    The report is presented in Chinese.
  • 报告获取Access to the report S

    本报告仅提供电子版。PDF 版请登录公司网站 http://www.yuhong.com.cn 下载 APP 应用请扫描右侧二维码。(联系电话:010-59031829 电子邮箱:libz@yuhong.com.cn)。。
    The report is published only in online version. You can visit the Company's website http://www.yuhong.com.cn for an online ODF version, or scan the right QR code to download related application (Contact telephone: 010-59031829 Email: libz@yuhong.com.cn).
  •         东方雨虹 18 年来不断夯实基础,在中国建筑防水行业确立龙头企业的地位已经超过十年了,且与同行的比较优势在逐渐拉大。2013 年,公司更是进入佳境。 39.03 亿的营业收入和 31.02% 的增长率, 验证了我们责任先行路线的正确性。
  •         备受上游原材料价格的制约,下游又处在买方市场的格局当中,东方雨虹从本质上是在夹缝中生存的草根企业。 为此,我们对市场怀着敬畏之心, 努力实现东方雨虹人和利益相关方共同的期许。
  •         环顾周边市场生态,审视自我,我们究竟要靠什么保持优势、赢得未来?履行责任,赢得客户的认同,我们有且只有这一条路可走。所以,我们坚持不生产一平米非标产品;所以,我们向市场提供最优质的产品和服务,让“好房子,不漏水”;所以,我们一直倡导的“为人类为社会创造持久安全的环境”绝不是说说而已;所以,我们致力于成为优秀的企业公民,以一腔热情,投入市场,回报社会。因为,我们深知,责任,是企业生存的需要。
  •         不过,我们的履责之路已经孤独了很久。这是东方雨虹连续第六次发布企业社会责任报告,很遗憾,公司依然是行业唯一一家发布该报告的企业。但是,正能量已经在扩散,我相信,在不久的将来,中国建筑防水行业定然阳光灿烂。
  •         世界的东方雨虹没有终点,我们的努力也不会停止,愿天空蔚蓝。
  • 李卫国
  •        Since being established 18 years ago, Oriental Yuhong has continuously strengthening itself and has established a leading position in the Chinese building waterproofing industry for more than 10 years. Our advantages compared with competitors’ are gradually increasing. In 2013 the company reported an operating revenue of RMB3.903 billion and a growth of 31.02%. Such an outstanding achievement proved the correctness of our way of responsibility fulfillment. 

           Limited by the upstream raw material prices and the downstream buyers’ market, Oriental Yuhong is in essence a grassroots enterprise in bitter struggle. Therefore we hold market in awe and veneration, and go all out to fulfill the hopes of Oriental Yuhong and stakeholders. 

           Look around the market and look into ourselves, how can we keep our advantages and win the future? We have only one way to go: to fulfill our responsibilities and win customers’ recognition. Therefore we never produce any below-standard products; we always provide top-quality waterproof products and services for the market; we fit our deeds to our words of creating a sustainable and safe environment for human society; we are dedicated to becoming an excellent corporate citizen and paying back the society with a lofty enthusiasm. 

           However, we are still alone on the way of fulfilling CSR. This is the sixth time for us to release the CSR report, and it’s a pity that we are still the only enterprise in the Chinese building waterproofing industry to do so. But positive energy is spreading and we believe the Chinese building waterproofing industry will surely see a bright future not far away. 

           There is no end to the way of Oriental Yuhong, and our struggle will never stop. Wish the world a blue sky forever!
  • Li Weiguo

    • 关于东方雨虹 About Oriental Yuhong

      北京东方雨虹防水技术股份有限公司成立于 1998 年 3 月,现已发展成为一家集防水材料研发、制造、销售及施工服务于一体的中国防水行业龙头企业,是国家高新技术企业、中国防水行业唯一的上市公司 (SZ002271),拥有业内唯一国家级企业技术中心和博士后科研工作站。
      Founded in March 1998, Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. has developed itself into a leading enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and construction in the Chinese waterproofing industry. As a national high-tech enterprise, it is the only listed company (SZ002271) in the Chinese waterproofing industry, and it has established the only national certified corporate technology center and post-doctoral research center in the industry.

      北京东方雨虹防水技术股份有限公司控股上海东方雨虹防水技术有限责任公司 (以下简称“上海东方雨虹”) 、岳阳东方雨虹防水技术有限责任公司 (以下简称“岳阳东方雨虹”) 、广东东方雨虹防水工程有限公司 (以下简称“广东东方雨虹”) 、四川东方雨虹防水工程有限公司 (以下简称“四川东方雨虹”) 、锦州东方雨虹建筑材料有限责任公司 (以下简称“锦州东方雨虹”) 、 昆明风行防水材料有限公司 (以下简称“昆明风行”) 、徐州卧牛山新型防水材料有限公司 (以下简称“徐州卧牛山”) 、山东天鼎丰非织造布有限公司(以下简称“山东天鼎丰”) ,北京东方雨虹地矿安全技术有限公司等,公司在北京顺义、上海金山、湖南岳阳、辽宁锦州、广东惠州、江苏徐州新沂和山东德州临邑、河北唐山、陕西咸阳礼泉建有 9 大生产基地,拥有世界领先的多功能进口改性沥青防水卷材生产线、冷自粘沥青防水卷材生产线和世界先进的环保防水涂料、砂浆、 保温、非织造布生产线。
      Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. holds Shanghai Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd.(hereafter abbreviated as “Shanghai Oriental Yuhong”), Yueyang Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd.(hereafter abbreviated as “Yueyang Oriental Yuhong”), Guangdong Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Engineering Co., Ltd.(hereafter abbreviated as “Guangdong Oriental Yuhong”), Sichuan Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Engineering Co., Ltd.(hereafter abbreviated as “Sichuan Oriental Yuhong”), Jinzhou Oriental Yuhong Building Materials Co., Ltd.(hereafter abbreviated as “Jinzhou Oriental Yuhong”), Kunming Fengxing Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd. (hereafter bbreviated as “Kunming Fengxing”), Xuzhou Woniushan New Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd. (hereafter abbreviated as “Xuzhou Woniushan”), Shandong Tiandingfeng Non-woven Fabric Co., Ltd. (hereafter abbreviated as “Shandong Tiandingfeng”), Beijing Oriental Yuhong Geological & Mining Safety Technology Co., Ltd., etc. The Company built up 9 production bases respectively in Shunyi District, Beijing City; Jinshan District, Shanghai City; Yueyang City, Hunan Province; Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province;Xinyi City, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Linyi County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province; Tangshan City, Hebei Province; Liquan County, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province. We own imported world-leading multi-functional modified asphalt waterproof membrane production lines, self-adhesive asphalt waterproof membrane production lines, and world-leading eco-friendly production lines of waterproof coating, mortar, thermal insulation materials, and non-woven fabric. 

      人类所有的防水问题,东方雨虹都有责任去解决。作为系统防水解决方案的提供者,东方雨虹将各种雨虹专项防水系统成功应用于包括房屋建筑、高速公路、城市道桥、地铁及城市轨道、高速铁路、机场、水利设施等众多领域。特别是在中国人民大会堂及鸟巢、水立方等 85% 以上的 2008 年北京奥运场馆等中国标志性建筑和大量高铁、地铁等国家重大基础设施建设项目中,东方雨虹防水系统优良的应用效果,获得用户及社会各界高度评价。
      Oriental Yuhong is responsible to solve all waterproof problems of humans. As an expert in systematic waterproof solutions, Oriental Yuhong successfully applied various proprietary waterproof systems to different fields, such as house building, expressways, urban roads and bridges, high-speed railways, airports, and water conservancy facilities. Especially in the construction of Chinese landmark constructions such as the Great Hall of the People, and more than 80% of Beijing 2008 Olympics gymnasiums such as Bird’s Nest and Water Cube, as well as a lot of significant national facilities such as high-speed railways and metros, Oriental Yuhong waterproof systems were sung highly of by customers and different social circles for excellent performances. 
    • 组织构架图 Organization Chart

    • 发展战略Development Strategy

      1. 企业观念:真、善、忍
      2. 企业精神:事在人为
      3. 企业信仰:天地与我们同在;好人有好报
      4. 雨虹文化:公平、朴实、创造、宽容、奉献
      5. 企业指导思想:科技创新、产业报国 
      6. 企业宗旨:为国家、为社会、为客户、为员工、为股东
      7. 企业使命:为人类为社会创造持久安全的环境
      8. 企业职责:人类所有的防水问题东方雨虹都有责任解决
      9. 企业愿景:全球防水最有价值企业、令人尊敬的中华公众企业、中华民族伟大复兴的推动力量
      Core concepts: 
      1.Corporate concept: honesty, empathy, and longanimity
      2.Corporate spirit: all success hinges on human effort
      3.Corporate belief: we coexist with the world; good people will be rewarded.
      4.Oriental Yuhong culture: fairness, simplicity, creation, tolerance, and contribution
         Spiritual culture: tenacity for achievement; pursuit for new height
         Interpersonal culture: honesty, equality, harmony, and frankness
      5.Corporate guidance: making scientific and technological innovation; serving the country by industry development
      6.Corporate tenet: for the motherland, for the society, for customers, for employees, and for shareholders 
      7.Corporate mission: to create sustainable and safe environment for human society
      8.Corporate responsibility: Oriental Yuhong is responsible to solve all waterproof problems of humans
      9.Corporate vision: the most valuable world waterproofing enterprise, a respectable Chinese enterprise, and a driving 
      force for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nationality
    • 社会责任管理Social Responsibility Management

      (一) 企业社会责任管理理念
      (1) CSR management concept
      CSR fulfillment is a fundamental precondition for Oriental Yuhong to carry out R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and construction, and to realize sustainable development. With sustainable development as an objective, Oriental Yuhong goes all out to carry out production and operation with more eco-friendly, more energy-saving, more safe, and more high-efficient mode, and to continuously supply better products and services, for the creation of a sustainable and safe environment.

      (二) 社会责任管理体系建设

      (2) CSR management system construction

      (三) 管理架构
      (3) Management structure
      Oriental Yuhong established a social responsibility work team, whose chief is Oriental Yuhong GM and whose members are GMs of Oriental Yuhong subsidies and divisions, directors of different centers and factories. Members work in concert to push forward the social responsibility fulfillment of their units.

      (四) 制度体系
      (4) Institutional system
      Oriental Yuhong nailed down CSR fulfillment principles and specified a CSR objective, to ensure the accomplishment of CSR task. It periodically consulted external experts and listened to objective opinions on related topics, to improve the CSR management performance. 

      (五) 监督和反馈
      (5) Communication and participation of stakeholders
      Oriental Yuhong established a supervision and feedback system for CSR fulfillment, and formed internal & external supervision mechanisms. It checked and evaluated the results of CSR implementation, made trouble shooting, and made timely corrections. 

      利益相关方沟通参与 Communication and participation of stakeholders

      (一) 公司参与的主要社团组织
      中国建筑防水协会 主席团主席单位
      促进建筑防水行业健康发展产业联盟 主席单位
      上海市化学建材行业协会 理事单位
      上海化学建材行业协会建筑防水材料与施工技术分会 副会长单位
      上海市聚氨酯工业协会 理事单位
      北京市建筑防水协会 副会长单位
      湖南省建筑防水协会 副会长单位
      广东省建筑防水协会 副会长单位
      四川省江苏商会 副会长单位
      四川省建筑科技协会建筑防水分会 副会长单位
      成都市房地产开发企业协会 副会长单位
      成都市物业管理协会 副会长单位
      四川省山东商会 副会长单位
      四川华商商会 副会长单位
      云南省建筑防水行业协会 副会长单位
      (1) Major organizations joined by Oriental Yuhong
      China National Building Waterproof Association President of the board
      China Building Waterproofing Industry Alliance President
      Shanghai Chemical Building Material Trade Association(SCBMTA) Director 
      Building Waterproof Material and Construction Technology Division of SCBMTA Vice president
      Shanghai Polyurethane Industry Association Director
      Beijing Building Waterproof Association Vice president
      Hunan Building Waterproof Association Vice president
      Guangdong Building Waterproof Association Vice president
      Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce in Sichuan Province Vice president
      Building Waterproof Division of Sichuan Building Technology Association Vice president
      Chengdu Association of Real Estate Development Enterprises Vice president
      Chengdu Association of Estate Management Vice president
      Shandong Chamber of Commerce in Sichuan Province Vice president
      Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Sichuan Province Vice president
      Yunnan Building Waterproofing Industry Association Vice president

      员工:2013 年 4 月,东方雨虹开展面向全体员工的满意度调查,以无记名的方式向员工征集关于公司管理、员工权益的问题与改进建议,公司代表和工会代表进行认真统计,并向公司管理层提出改进建议。
      (2) Examples of communication of stakeholders
      Shareholders: In 2013 Oriental Yuhong organized three investigations on itself by investment analysts and shareholder representatives. Oriental Yuhong made introduce toits production and operation conditions, and answered questions about marketing mode, operation performance, investment acceleration, R&D capability, etc. In the whole year 2013, Oriental Yuhong released 75 investment and operation reports, which ensured timely investor supervision and transparent company operation. 

      客户:2013 年 1 月,东方雨虹召开年度工程渠道经销商大会,2013 年 9 月,零售渠道北方区经销商大会召开,500 多位客户代表参会,在深入分析防水市场战略机遇、 公司化经营的意义, 通报公司当期经营工作成果的基础上,表达了加强沟通交流、深化合作的愿望,并于会后开展的产品与技术培训,也使得公司的专业施工和服务通过经销商向终端客户传递。通过年度大会,将公司文化和经营方向、与客户同舟共济的理念深入传达。东方雨虹努力为客户提供全面、优质的服务,努力为客户的发展提供强有力的保障。
      Customers: In January 2013, Oriental Yuhong convened Annual Engineering Channel Distributors’ Conference. In September 2013, the company convened North China Retail Channel Distributors’ Conference, attended by more than 500 customers. On the foundation of making in-depth analysis of strategic opportunities in waterproofing market and the sense of demutualization, and reporting the Company’s current operational results, those conferences expressed Oriental Yuhong’s wish of strengthening communication and deepening cooperation. Oriental Yuhong also carried out product & technology trainings after those conferences, to transmit its professional construction and service through distributors to end customers. Through the annual conferences, Oriental Yuhong successfully spread corporate culture, operational direction, and the concept of making win-win cooperation with customers. Oriental Yuhong is devoted to supplying comprehensive and top-quality services to customers, and providing powerful guarantee for the development of customers.

      员工:2013 年 4 月,东方雨虹开展面向全体员工的满意度调查,以无记名的方式向员工征集关于公司管理、员工权益的问题与改进建议,公司代表和工会代表进行认真统计,并向公司管理层提出改进建议。

      Employees: In April 2013, Oriental Yuhong carried out a survey on staff satisfaction, and anonymously collected problems and suggestions of corporate management and employees’ rights and interests. Corporate representatives and labor union representatives made serious statistics and gave improvement suggestions to the management.

      社会:2013 年 11 月 15 日,东方雨虹第四届无偿献血周开展,从北京总部发起,广东东方雨虹、四川东方雨虹、 徐州卧牛山、 锦州东方雨虹等各地分支机构纷纷响应。帮助他人,挽救生命,从 2010 年开始,无偿献血成为东方雨虹人持续进行的年度公益行为。

      Society: On November 15, 2013, Oriental Yuhong unveiled the fourth blood donation week. Beijing Oriental Yuhong initiated the action, and Guangdong Oriental Yuhong, Sichuan Oriental Yuhong, Xuzhou Woniushan, Jinzhou Oriental Yuhong, etc. jumped on the bandwagon. Ever since 2010, blood donation has become annual public welfare action for the staff of Oriental Yuhong.

      社区:东方雨虹一向注重与社区保持良好的沟通,从 2009 年起,连续 5 年开展“服务百姓 拒绝渗漏”公益活动,将防水科普知识带入社区,帮助居民解决渗漏难题,登门义诊,帮助改善受助人群的居住困难。

      Community: Oriental Yuhong always thinks highly of well communication with communities. From 2009, it has continuously carried out public welfare activity “Serve Citizens, Fight against Leakage” for five consecutive years. Oriental Yuhong popularized waterproof techniques to various communities, and helped citizens solve leakage problems.

      行业:近两年,东方雨虹参与或主编《聚氨酯防水涂料》、 《水泥基渗透结晶性防水材料》等 15 个国家标准或行业标准的修订,促进防水行业质量提升。

      Industry: In recent years, Oriental Yuhong participated in or presided over the revision of 15 national standards or industrial standards, for 
      example, Polyurethane Waterproof Coating and Cement-based Capillary Crystalline Waterproof Coating, which accelerated quality improvement of 
      waterproofing industry. 

      政府:2013 年 4 月,第十二届北京市政协经济委员会举行第一次全体会议,经常委会推荐,东方雨虹董事长李卫国当选为第十二届北京市政协经济委员会特邀委员。 作为特邀委员,李卫国先生积极履行政治协商、民主监督、参政议政的职能,积极建言献策,为推动首都科学发展,加快转变经济发展方式,做出积极的贡献。

      Government: In April 2013, the first session of the 12th Economic Commission of Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference was unveiled. Recommended by the standing committee, Li Weiguo, Chairman of Oriental Yuhong, became an invited committee member of the 12th Economic Commission of Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. Mr. Li Weiguo actively exercised political consultation and democratic supervision and participated in deliberation and administration of state affairs. He made contribution to the promotion of Beijing’s scientific development and the acceleration of economic development mode transformation. 


    品质经营 稳健发展Quality operation, steady development

    2013 年底,东方雨虹针对市场竞争同质化日趋严重的市场现状,将品牌宣传口号从“责任构筑未来”延伸为“只有一个东方雨虹”和“好房子,不漏水”,建立了品牌与责任、品质的联系。东方雨虹始终坚持合规经营,模范地执行国家产业政策及法规,这在产业集中度低、市场竞争无序的防水行业,已属凤毛麟角。作为行业领军企业,东方雨虹还坚持以身作则,促进行业质量水平提升,以推动行业健康发展。


    Oriental Yuhong changed its brand slogan from “Build the Future with Responsibility” to“Oriental Yuhong, the Unique” and “Good House, No Leakage”, and thus establishing therelation between brand and responsibility and quality. Oriental Yuhong always insists on operation in compliance with industrial policies, laws and regulations. As a leading enterprise in waterproofing industry, Oriental Yuhong always insists on the promotion of industry quality for the industry’s healthy development.



    只有一个东方雨虹Oriental Yuhong, the Unique


    2013 年底,东方雨虹针对市场竞争同质化日趋严重的市场现状,将品牌宣传口号从“责任构筑未来”延伸为“只有一个东方雨虹”和“好房子,不漏水”,建立了品牌与责任、品质的联系。
    In consideration of worsening competition homogenization, at the end of 2013, Oriental Yuhong changed its brand slogan from “Build the Future with Responsibility” to “Oriental Yuhong, the Unique” and “Good House, No Leakage”, and thus establishing the relation between brand and responsibility and quality. 


    诚信经营 资信良好Honest operation and good credit


    2013 年, 东方雨虹获得北京银行、兴业银行、汇丰银行、招商银行、平安银行、中国民生银行、交通银行、上海农村商业银行等银行授信,授信总额度超过25 亿元,公司还获得建设银行 AA 级评级。 公司及其他控股公司诚信经营,不存在拖欠银行利息和本金的情况,资信状况良好。 2013 年,公司依法纳税 27, 120.45 万元。
    In 2013 Oriental Yuhong got bank credit from Bank of Beijing, Industrial Bank, China Merchants Bank, Ping a Bank, China Minsheng Bank, Bank of Communications, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank, etc. and the total line of credit exceeded RMB2.5 billion. Besides, it also won AA credit rating at China Construction Bank. The company has never been in arrears with bank interest and principle payment and it is proud of an excellent credit status. In 2013 Oriental Yuhong paid RMB271, 204,500 taxes.


    内部控制 精益管理Internal control and lean management


    实例:2013 年公司董事会审议通过了成立“江苏东方雨虹投资有限公司”、“香港东方雨虹投资有限公司”、“咸阳东方雨虹防水技术有限责任公司”、“唐山东方雨虹防水技术有限责任公司”议案,四大全资子公司的成立,使公司在华东、西北、北京及华北地区全面扩张,并以香港为桥梁,加快公司的国际化进程。
    Oriental Yuhong established clear-cut, coordinated, and effective systems, including the shareholders’ meeting, the board of directors, the board of supervisors, independent director, and secretary of the board etc. It also set up four committees under the board of directors: strategic committee, auditing committee, salary evaluation committee, and nominating committee. The shareholders executed their power in accordance with corporation articles, Rules of Procedure of Shareholders’ Meeting, The Company Law and The Securities Law, etc.
    Examples: In 2013, the board of directors of Oriental Yuhong approved the proposal for establishing Jiangsu Oriental Yuhong Investment Co., Ltd.,
    HK Oriental Yuhong Investment Co., Ltd., Xianyang Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd., and Tangshan Oriental Yuhong Waterproof
    Technology Co., Ltd. Through the establishment of the four wholly-owned subsidies, Oriental Yuhong expanded its network in East China, Northwest
    China, Beijing, and North China. It also expanded international process in China with HK as a hub.


    品质经营 传递正能量Quality operation and transmit positive energy


    Oriental Yuhong always insists on operation in compliance with industrial policies, laws and regulations. It’s rare to see such an enterprise in waterproofing industry with low industrial concentration and disorderly market competition. As a leading enterprise in waterproofing industry, Oriental Yuhong always insists on the promotion of industry quality for the industry’s healthy development.

    建立质量管理体系,固化质量观。东方雨虹严格按照 ISO9000 质量管理体系的要求建立《质量管理手册》、《质量投诉处理机制》、《质量责任追究制度》、《产品质量问题召回制度》等一系列规章制度,推进质量文化建设。公司自 2000年起分阶段导入 ISO 质量管理体系、环境管理体系、职业健康安全管理体系和测量管理体系。子公司北京东方雨虹防水材料检测有限公司通过了 CNAS 中国合格评定认可委员会认可和 CMA 计量体系认证,具备对外出具具有法律效力的检测报告的能力。公司产品通过十环认证、 CRCC 铁路产品认证、 3C 认证、 CE 欧盟认证、TPO 获得美国 FM 认证,俄罗斯GOST -R 认证等一系列产品认证,每月至少接受一次内部预审和外部审核,确保产品质量。
    Oriental Yuhong established quality management system and promoted the staff’s view of quality. In strict compliance with ISO9000 quality management system, Oriental Yuhong made a series of rules and regulations, including “Quality Management Manual”, “Quality Complaint Settlement Mechanism”, “Quality Accountability System”, “Product Recall System for Quality Problem”, etc., to push forward the construction of quality culture. Since 2000, the company has introduced ISO quality management system, environment management system, occupational health and safety management system, and measurement management system. The subsidy Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Material Testing Co., Ltd. passed China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) and China Metrology Accreditation (CMA), and thus got the capability of issuing lawful test report. The products of Oriental Yuhong got many certifications, for example, certification of China Environmental Labeling, certification of China Railway Test & Certification Centre(CRCC), CE marking, FM Approval (for Oriental Yuhong’s TPO), and GOST-R certification. Every month Oriental Yuhong will make at least one internal pre-examination and one external examination.


    Oriental Yuhong built up a tripartite quality management system made up of R&D, production, and test. The three parts are in coordination with each other and supervise each other, so that the whole quality management system has the function of self-healing and correction to prevent large fluctuation of product quality.


    实例 1:2013 年 9 月 16 日,东方雨虹技术质量中心成立(后变更为产品质量检测监督中心)。
    Example 1: On September 16, 2013,Oriental Yuhong Technology &Quality Centerwas established (later changed into Product Quality Testing & Monitoring Center)


    实例 2:2013 年 9 月,上海东方雨虹荣获上海金山区区长质量奖, 区长李跃旗亲自送奖到雨虹。“区长质量奖”是金山区人民政府设立的最高质量荣誉奖项,主要授予质量管理成效显著,经济效益和社会效益处于领先地位,对区经济社会发展做出卓越贡献,并具有标杆示范作用的组织和个人,以引导和激励全区企业加强质量管理,促进企业转型升级、品质提升。东方雨虹上海工厂厂长阳文新、质量主任李佳获发“首席质量官”(CQO)聘书。
    Example 2: In September 2013, Shanghai Oriental Yuhong won the “Shanghai Jinshan District Chief Quality Award”, and the award was given by Li Yueqi, Chief of Jinshan District. The award is the highest quality award
    established by Jinshan District Government and it’s for organizations or individuals that make outstanding quality management, are in leading position in respect of economic benefit and social benefit, make outstanding achievement to the district’s economic and social development, and play demonstrative role in the district. The award is to guide and stimulate the whole district to strengthen quality management, promote enterprise transformation and quality improvement. Yang Wenxin, Director of Shanghai Factory of Oriental Yuhong, and Li Jia, Quality Director of Shanghai Factory, won the certificate “Chief Quality Officer” (CQO).


    国际化经营 International operation


    2013 年,公司加大海外开发和国际化经营的力度,努力把公司打造成为世界一流的防水企业。
    In 2013, Oriental Yuhong intensified overseas market expansion and international operation, in order to build itself into a world top-class waterproofing enterprise.


    公司经北京商务委员会批准,取得开展对外承包工程业务资格, 可在境外承包与自身实力、规模、业绩相适应的工程项目,并派遣实施对外工程项目中所需的劳务人员。
    Approved by Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Oriental Yuhong got the certification of contracting foreign projects in compliance with its strength, scale, and performance, and it can dispatch labors overseas to work for overseas contracted projects.


    截至 2013 年末,东方雨虹所生产的产品已远达中东、欧洲、东南亚、非洲等 70 多个国家和地区,公司持续地为全球客户提供高品质的防水产品和专业的技术服务。
    By the end of 2013, Oriental Yuhong had sold products to more than 70 countries and regions in the Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa. The Company is continuously supplying top-quality waterproof products & services to global customers.


    实例:2013 年 6 月,东方雨虹与特立尼达和多巴哥湖沥青公司签订《合资办厂谅解备忘录》,双方拟定在特多成立合资公司,合资公司从事的业务不局限于制造沥青防水涂料产品和沥青瓦、沥青卷材等。这不仅充沛公司优质原材料,也是公司迈向国际市场的重要一步。
    Examples: In June 2013, Oriental Yuhong signed “Joint Venture MOU” with Lake Asphalt of Trinidad and Tabago. The both sides planned to establish a joint venture in Trinidad and Tabago. The business of the joint venture won’t be limited within manufacturing of waterproof asphalt coating, asphalt shingles and asphalt membranes. It was an important step for Oriental Yuhong to ensure sufficient supply of raw materials and march into international market.


    合作共赢Win-win cooperation


    ( 一) 中国建筑防水行业最大的规模采购
    The largest centralized purchasing in Chinese building waterproofing industry

    东方雨虹的原材料供应商主要有中石油、中石化、中海油、巴斯夫、拜耳、塞拉尼斯等国内外优秀企业,经过多年合作,公司与上述公司形成紧密的战略合作关系,是这些企业的最大行业客户。目前,公司年采购沥青 20 万吨,年采购乳液 2 万吨,通过规模化的采购助力合作伙伴的成长。
    Oriental Yuhong’s major raw material suppliers are excellent domestic and foreign enterprises such as CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, BASF, Bayer, and Celanese. After years of cooperation, the Company went into close strategic relationship with the above-mentioned companies, and it is the largest client of those enterprises. Oriental Yuhong annually purchased 200,000 tons of asphalt, and 20,000 tons of emulsion. Through centralized purchasing, it made contribution to the development of its partners.


    集中采购是东方雨虹的主要采购模式, 以全球化、 信息化、阳光采购、诚信为本、环保、 遵纪守法为管理理念,携手上游客户共同发展。公司还引入“飞检”(突击检查)这一工程项目类常用的把控质量方法以及供应商质量认证体系, 确保质量的同时也在技术方面展开交流探讨。
    Centralized purchasing is a major purchasing mode of Oriental Yuhong. With globalization, information, transparent purchase, honesty, environmental protection, and law observation as management concepts, Oriental Yuhong made win-win development with its upstream partners. Furthermore, Oriental Yuhong introduced surprise inspection, a common QC mode for engineering projects, as well as supplier quality authentication system. It also made technology communication with suppliers while ensuring quality of supplies.


    (二) 客户责任——提供最完善的系统防水解决方案
    The best waterproof solutions

    东方雨虹针对不同的市场特征、专业要求和客户类型,确定了以北京、上海、广东、天津、南京、四川和昆明 7 个公司为支持平台,工程渠道、零售渠道、重大业务、大客户业务、本土业务、海外业务和工程施工业务纵横覆盖的立体化销售服务网络,因地制宜地为客户提供贴身式的服务。
    In accordance with different market characteristics, professional requirement, and customer type, Oriental Yuhong established a 3D marketing network with 7 subsidies respectively in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Tianjin, Nanjing, Sichuan, and Kunming as supporting platforms, and integrating engineering channel, retail channel, important business, VIP business, local business, overseas business, and engineering construction business, so as to provide most careful service for customers.


    公司配备超过 100 人的应用技术服务部门,针对客户要求,年均提供 1500 多个专业的系统防水解决方案,5000 多次现场技术交流指导,有效解决施工过程中出现的技术问题。特别是在例如中央储备粮库、奥运工程、机场建设、高铁建设等2000 多个重大项目的防水工程项目中,均采用了公司原创性技术方案。
    Oriental Yuhong has an applied technology service department with a staff of more than 100 persons. Every year it averagely provided customers with more than 1,500 tailor-made waterproof solutions, and gave on-site technology guidance more than 400 times to effectively solve technical problems during construction process. Its innovative technical solutions were used for waterproofing by more than 2,000 important projects, for example, central grain reserves, Olympic projects, airports, high-speed railways, etc.


    目前,公司与万科、保利、龙湖、华润、天鸿、金地、大华、华为等 100 余家大型房地产商、企业集团建立长期稳定的战略合作关系。
    So far Oriental Yuhong has established long-term strategic partnership with more than 100 large-sized real estate developers and other groups, for instance, Vanke, Poly, Longfor, China Resources, Tenhong Land, Gemdale, Dahua Group, and Huawei.


    面对广大终端消费者对优质防水产品的需求, 公司通过业之峰、实创、阔达、元洲、博洛尼等近 2000 家大型家装公司和建材市场的千家万店走进普通百姓家。
    To meet end-customers’ rising demand on top-quality waterproof products, Oriental Yuhong sold its products into ordinary families through nearly 2,000 house decoration companies and building material markets, for instance, Beijing Yezhifeng, Beijing Shichuang, Beijing Kuoda, Beijing Yuanzhou, and Boloni.


    同时, 针对经销商,公司采取大力扶植的态度,协助经销商解决融资、公司化运作的问题,提供完善的技术支持,与经销商互信互惠,平等共赢。凭借鲜明的品牌定位,前瞻性的销售策略,公司同国内 1000家工程渠道区域经销商、上千家零售渠道经销商,超过万家零售终端建立了良好的合作关系。
    At the same time, Oriental Yuhong give strong support to distributors in respect of financing, corporate operation, and technologies, to make win-win development with distributors. By virtue of clear brand orientation and forward-looking marketing strategy, Oriental Yuhong established good partnership with more than 1,000 engineering channel distributors, more than 1,000 retail channel distributors, and more than 10,000 retail terminals.


    从 2006 年与万科集团签订北京区域合作协议,到 2008 年与苏南签订万科战略协议,再到 2009 年与万科签署集团战略采购协议,近 10 年来,东方雨虹以品质赢得万科的信任,成为 2013 年度万科 A 级供应商。
    Oriental Yuhong signed Beijing cooperation agreement with Vanke In 2006, Southern Jiangsu cooperation agreement with Vanke in 2008, andstrategic purchase agreement with Vanke in 2009. In recent 10 years, it won the trust of Vanke with best quality and became A-class supplier of Vanke in 2013.


    2013 年正月,湖南保利物业管理有限公司、湖南保利麓谷林语项目业主分别赠予广东东方雨虹 “优秀合作方 优质服务奖”和“为民解忧 一流防水”的锦旗,以赞誉广东东方雨虹一直以来的“微笑服务”。
    In January 2013, Hunan Poly Real Estate Management Co., Ltd. and the owners of Hunan Poly LuguLinyu Project respectively gave the banner“Excellent Partner, Excellent Service” and the banner “First-class Waterproofing Provider” to Guangdong Oriental Yuhong, to praise its all-the-time“Smiling Service”.


    Oriental Yuhong was included in the list of“Excellent Suppliers” by AVIC Real Estate.

    上海东方雨虹荣获大华集团 2013 年度“优秀供应商”称号。
    Shanghai Oriental Yuhong won the honor“Excellent Supplier 2013” from Dahua Group.


    (三) 保护消费者权益Scope of the Report
    Protecting customers’ rights and interest


    中国建筑防水市场龙蛇混杂,假冒伪劣现象严重。为了捍卫消费者权益,东方雨虹除了为消费者提供电话查询和官网在线查询两种防伪查询模式外,公司还专门成立“东方雨虹打假办公室”,设立举报电话,对所获取信息进行分析并有针对性地安排人员进行跟踪取证,通过摸排线索并对掌握的证据核实后, 协助执法单位进行针对性打击,保护了消费者的合法权益。据统计,2013 年“东方雨虹打假办公室”配合政府主管部门共查处假冒侵权案件 26 起,其中包括刑事立案 7 起,行政立案 7 起;共抓获犯罪嫌疑人 8 人,查扣假冒防水卷材 37000 平方米,假冒防水涂料 6500 公斤,收缴涉案车辆一部。

    Chinese building waterproofing market is rather complex and there are many fake and poor-quality products. To protect customers’ rights and interests, Oriental Yuhong provided customers with two product authenticity inquiry ways: telephone inquiry and online inquiry. It also set up “Oriental Yuhong Anti-fake Office” and announced tip-off telephone. After getting tip-off information, Oriental Yuhong will make analysis and arrange special persons to make investigation and collect evidences. Then it will help law enforcement agency to crack down on fake products, so as to protect customers’ lawful rights and interests. According to statistics, in 2013, “Oriental Yuhong Anti-fake Office” and government administrations cracked down on 26 infringement cases, 7 of which were criminal cases and 7 of them were administrative cases. 8 suspects were arrested and 37,000sqm fake waterproof membranes and 6,500kg waterproof coating were ferreted out, and a car involved was taken over.


    (四) 让防水行业阳光灿烂
    Give waterproofing industry a bright future

    行业长期低水平重复建设、产能严重过剩、低价竞争、市场高度分散、企业经营裹足不前假冒伪劣泛滥、建筑渗漏率居高不下、经济效益和社会效益难以彰显等是影响和制约中国建筑防水行业发展的问题。虽从经济总量上讲,建筑防水是“小行业”,但它关系到建筑安全,关系到百姓安居和建筑环保节能,行业的持续混乱给国民经济造成的损失远远超过行业经济增长贡献,是典型的“因小失大” 。
    The development of Chinese building waterproofing industry is seriously influenced by low-level redundant construction, serious overcapacity, lowprice competition, price war, highly-fragmented market, stagnant corporate operation, high construction leakage rate, and imbalance between economic benefit and social benefit, etc. To see from economic aggregate, building waterproofing industry is just a small industry, but it’s closely related with construction safety, citizen’s residence safety, environmental protection and energy saving. Therefore continuous disorder will bring huge loss to national economy even when the industry is developing in disorder. We shall not be Penny-wise and pound-foolish.


    东方雨虹始终奉行“有所为,有所不为” 的行事标准,坚决不生产一平米非标产品, 以强烈的自律投入市场, 以实际行动力证创造健康、正义、公平的竞争环境才是行业发展之计。
    Oriental Yuhong always insists on the principle of refraining from doing inappropriate things. It never produces below-standard products and is committed to the development of healthy, righteous, and equitable competition environment.


    作为中国建筑防水协会主席团主席单位,东方雨虹为行业的发展积极建言献策,促进行业的规范发展。2013 年 4 月 8日,促进建筑防水行业健康发展产业联盟创立仪式在京举行。为转变行业发展方式,实现可持续健康发展,东方雨虹联合行业知名企业,发表联盟宣言,共同发挥行业正能量,加快行业质量提升进程。
    As president of the board of China National Building Waterproof Association, Oriental Yuhong contributed much to the development of the industry and promoted the standardization of the industry. On April 8, 2013, the founding ceremony for the Association of Promoting Healthy Development of Building Waterproofing Industry was held in Beijing. To change industry development mode and accomplish sustainable development, Oriental
    Yuhong and prestigious peers made alliance announcement, brought positive energy to the industry, and promoted quality improvement of the industry.


    Oriental Yuhong also actively helps China National Building Waterproof Association, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China, and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology standardize market activities, and highlight the position of waterproofing industry.


    东方雨虹坚持履行社会责任的行为对行业其他企业产生了积极的影响。 2012、2013 年,公司与中国建筑防水协会联合打造中央财政支持的社会组织示范项目“走进社区,诊治渗漏”,该活动的前身正是东方雨虹从 2009 年开始开展的 “服务百姓拒绝渗漏”公益活动。行业其他 13 家企业也加入到这一惠及 160 万社区居民的公益行动。
    Oriental Yuhong’s actions in fulfilling corporate social responsibility had good influence to other enterprises in waterproofing industry. In 2012 and 2013, in combination with China National Building Waterproof Association, it carried out the demonstrative public welfare event “Walk into Communities, Fight against Leakage” financially supported by central government. The predecessor of the event was “Serve Citizens, Fight against Leakage” that Oriental Yuhong started in 2009. Other 13 enterprises in the industry also joined in the event which benefitted 1.6 million citizens.


    ( 五) 持续的盈利能力
    Continuous profit making capability

    2013 年是东方雨虹的丰收年。公司上下一心,全力以赴,苦练内功,强化营销,向管理要效益,向市场要效益,向股东和社会交上了一份优异的答卷。
    Oriental Yuhong saw good harvest in 2013. Through all-out efforts of the whole staff, marketing strengthening, management efficiency improvement and market development, Oriental Yuhong gave excellent returns to its shareholders and the society.
    2013 年,公司实现营业总收入 390,262.69 万元 较 2012 年增长 31.02%;营业利润 36,370.66 万元,较 2012 年增长 92.78%,利润总额 44,381.67 万元,较上年同期增长 99.35%。
    2013 年,公司各项业务拓展顺利,继续推进业务增长方式的转变,搭建良好的产业结构,增强抵御风险的能力,提升回报股东的能力,呈现出稳健经营的态势。



    In 2013, Oriental Yuhong obtained a total operation revenue of RMB3,902,626,900, a rise of 31.02% from 2012; an operating profit of RMB363,706,600, a rise of 92.78% from 2012; a net profit of RMB443,816,700, a rise of 99.35% from 2012.
    At the same time, Oriental Yuhong saw smooth and steady operations through continuous transformation of business development mode, construction of good industrial structure, and improvement of the capability of fighting against risks and paying back shareholders.






    • 科技亮剑Technological innovations



      In accordance with company conditions and industry conditions, Oriental Yuhong took “making scientific and technological innovation; serving the country by industry development” as corporate guidance. It built upon improved scientific & technological innovation system, and carried out the concept of independent innovation concept in construction and engineering practices. On the foundation of domestic and overseas advanced innovation results, it led the industry development tendency, pushed forward industry development and improved its own and the industry’s sustainable development capability.

      科技创新体系Technological innovation system
    • 公司上市之初便成立了企业技术研究中心,随着公司的发展,技术中心也取得了令同行业瞩目的成就。2007 年东方雨虹与北京化工大学先进弹性体材料研究中心成立北京化工大学高分子防水材料研发中心,同年成立施工装备研发中心。2009年东方雨虹研发中心成为行业唯一“国家认定企业技术中心”,2010 年评为“博士后科研工作站”,同年申请获批防水材料北京市重点实验室,2011 年,成立了生产工艺研发中心和应用技术研发中心,2012 年成立先进橡塑防水材料北京市工程实验室。研发体系日益完备,形成了产品研发、应用、施工装备和生产工艺四大研发中心。
    • After establishment, Oriental Yuhong soon built up corporate technology research center. Following the company’s development, the technology center also made outstanding achievements. In 2007, Oriental Yuhong and the Center of Advanced Elastomer Materials of Beijing University of Chemical Technology jointly set up Polymer Waterproof Material R&D Center of Beijing University of Chemical Technology. In the same year, it established construction equipment R&D center. In 2009, Oriental R&D Center became the only “National Certified Corporate Technology Center”; in 2010, it became “Post-doctoral Research Center”, and it was qualified as Beijing Key Lab of Waterproof Materials. In 2011, Oriental Yuhong established manufacturing technique R&D center and applied technology R&D center. In 2012, it set up Beijing Engineering Lab of Advanced Rubber& Plastic Waterproof Materials. Its improved R&D system is made up of four centers, respectively for R&D, application, construction equipment, and manufacturing technique.


          在人员配置方面,东方雨虹聘请了国际顶尖的化工专家作为首席科学家对整个公司的科技发展做协调和规划。 公司产品、应用、装备和生产工艺四大研发中心共有 399 名研发和管理人员,其中各类技术带头人 15 人,享受国务院津贴专家 1 人。
    • Oriental Yuhong employed top-rank international chemical experts to be chief scientists for coordination and planning of the scientific and technological development of the company. There are totally 399 R&D persons and managers in its four R&D centers, including 15 technical leaders and 1 expert enjoying the State Council Subsidy.
    • 创新制度建设Construction of innovation system
    • 在产品开发项目选择、研发费用投入,新产品的推广培训,技术带头人培养,知识产权管理,人才激励等方面建立了规章制度,如《产品经理制度》、《科技成果奖励制度》、《新技术开发管理办法》、《应用技术中心考评制度》、《科技创新奖励基金管理办法》、《新技术开发奖励办法》 、《内部职称评定办法》、《技术情报管理办法》、《专利管理工作条例》、《科技例会制度》等等,为科研运行管理提供了制度保障。同时,公司还加强责任归属,强化激励。
    • Oriental Yuhong made rules and regulations for product development project selection, investment into R&D, new product promotion and training,technology leader cultivation, intellectual property management, and talent motivation, etc., for example, Product Manager System, Scientific Result Award System, Management Methods of New Technology Development, Assessment System of Applied Technology Center, Management Methods of Sci-tech Innovation Award Foundation, Awarding Methods of New Technology Development, Assessment Methods of Internal Professional Titles, Management Methods of Technical Information, Regulations of Patent Management, and System of Regular Science and Technology Meetings, in order to ensure well operation and management of sci-tech research. At the same time, the company also strengthened responsibility management and intensified talent motivation.
    • 创新平台汇聚力量Innovation platform converging power
    • 东方雨虹搭建内部、外部的研发平台,加强与企业、高校的合作,开展多层次的产学研合作。
      Oriental Yuhong built up internal and external R&D platforms, strengthened cooperation with enterprises and colleges, and carried out multi-layer cooperation of production, academy, and research.
    • 公司以企业技术中心为主体,组建内部研发系统。与北京化工大学先进弹性体材料研究中心成立联合实验室即北京东方雨虹—北京化工大学高分子防水材料研发中心,申请并获批防水材料北京市重点实验室、先进橡塑防水材料北京市工程实验室及博士后科研工作站。秉持“技术第一,创新第一”的理念,公司还与山东青岛理工大学共同研制开发应对各种气候的喷涂式桥面弹性涂料及防水层系统配套材料系列产品,与河北工业大学签订联合培养企业博士后研究人员协议,与湖北工业大学联合成立“北京东方雨虹- 湖北工业大学”防水工程研究中心,进行工程验证和成果转化。
      With corporate technology center as a major part, Oriental Yuhong established an internal R&D system. Oriental Yuhong and the Center of Advanced Elastomer Materials of Beijing University of Chemical Technology jointly set up The Polymer Waterproof Material R&D Center of Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Oriental Yuhong. It set up Beijing Key Lab of Waterproof Materials, Beijing Engineering Lab of Advanced Rubber & Plastic Waterproof Materials, and Post-doctoral Research Station. Holding the concept “Technology First, Innovation First”, the Company and Qingdao Technological University jointly developed elastic spray coating for bridge deck and supporting materials of waterproof coat. It also signed an agreement with Hebei University of Technology for jointly breeding post-doctor, and established Waterproof Engineering Research Center of Hubei Engineering Center and Beijing Oriental Yuhong, to make engineering proofing and achievement transformation.
    • 近年来,公司与各高校在 TPO 卷材及系统配套产品和应用技术研发、高密度聚乙烯自粘胶膜卷材及预铺反粘技术研究开发等 12 个重点产学研合作项目上成效卓著。
      In recent years Oriental Yuhong and different universities saw outstanding achievements in cooperated development of 12 key projects, for example,TPO membrane and supporting products and applied technology R&D, high-density self-adhesive polyethylene membrane, and pre-applied selfadhesive technology.
    • 公司还积极与国内外知名企业在专项技术方面进行深层次的交流与合作,与塞拉尼斯、杰斯曼等优秀企业在乳液、聚酯胎等 10 个合作项目上取得实质性的进展。
      The company also made in-depth communication and cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises in the aspect of special technologies, and made substantial progress with excellent enterprises in 10 projects with excellent enterprises such as Celanes and Jesman.
    • 科研投入R&D investment

      研发投入是被称为制约中国制造业“长跑”的“短腿”,技术研发的不足造成中国制造业利润过低和低水平产能过剩。 这一现象在中国建筑防水行业表现尤为明显,行业整体研发投入严重不足。而东方雨虹将创新科研作为企业发展的原动力,从上市之初就投入 6000 多万元建设企业技术中心, 接着投资 2500 多万元购置了 700 多台国际上最先进的试验仪器及设备,每年创新和技术服务投入超出年收入的 3%,这一投入相当于规模以上防水企业的全年营业收入。
      为强化检测能力,公司先后投资 1500 万元购置热磁力搅拌器, PosiTest 液压式拉拔实验仪,罗斯双行星分散机,一体式电位滴定仪,空气压缩机等 814 台国内外先进的检测仪器设备。通过连年持续投入,公司已建成行业内检测水平最高、检测手段最完善、检测设备最齐全的检测机构。

      R&D investments said to be the shortcoming of Chinese manufacturing industry. The lack of R&D investment caused low profit and overcapacity. This phenomenon is especially highlighted in Chinese building waterproofing industry. The whole industry seriously lacks investment. However, Oriental Yuhong viewed science and technology innovation as motility of corporate development. It invested RMB60 million to build corporate technology center when it was just established, and then invested RMB25 million to buy more than 700 most advanced international test instruments and devices. Every year its investment into innovation and technology service is more than 3% of its annual operating revenue, and the sum of investment is same to annual operating revenue of a waterproof enterprise above designated size.
      To improve test capability the company has bought 814 domestic and foreign advanced test devices with RMB15 million investment, for instance,thermal magnetic stirrer, Posi-Test hydraulic pullout test equipment, Ross double planetary mixers, all-in-one potentiometric titrimeter, air compressor, etc. Through continuous investment for many years, the company has built up a test center proud of the highest test level, the most improved test methods, and the most complete lineup of test equipment.
    • 创新成果Innovative results

      重大创新项目:东方雨虹企业技术中心承担 3 项国家火炬计划项目,2 项国家重点新产品技术, 1 项国家 863 计划项目,44 项自主创新产品,另有 4 项技术达到国际先进水平,填补国内技术空白。
      Important innovation projects: Oriental Yuhong corporate technology center completed three National Torch Plan projects, 2 national key new product technologies, 1 national 863 plan project, an d 44 independently innovative products. 4 other technologies met advanced international level, and filled the blank of domestic technology.
      专利:公司主要产品和技术已申请专利共 174 项,其中授权专利 55 项(含发明 26 项、实用新型 23 项、外观设计 6 项),另有 78 项专利进入实质审查阶段。Patent: Oriental Yuhong has totally applied for 174 patents for major products and technologies. 55 have been authorized (26 invention patents, 23 utility patents, and 6 exterior design patens), and the other 78 patents are in substantial examination.
      • 论文著作:2013 年,公司研发人员共发表论文 34 篇,其中在核心期刊发表20 篇、国外核心刊物发表论文 4 篇(1 篇为 SCI 所收录) 。
        Papers: In 2013, R&D persons of Oriental Yuhong totally released 34 papers. 20 of them were published on domestic core journals and 4 were published on foreign core journals (1 included in SCI).
      • 行业标准:近两年,东方雨虹受有关行业协会的委托,主编或参编国家行业标准 15 个。
        Industry standard: In recent years, entrusted by industry associations, Oriental Yuhong presided over or participated in the compilation of 15 national industry standards.

      • 科技荣誉:
      • 东方雨虹跻身工业和信息化部、财政部认定的“2013 年国家技术创新示范企业”名单。为本批入选的北京市仅有的三家国家技术创新示范企业之一。
        东方雨虹以第一名的高分获科技部火炬中心“2013 年国家火炬计划重点高新技术企业”认定。高密度聚乙烯自粘胶膜防水卷材、 阻燃型聚合物改性沥青防水卷材、 外墙装饰砂浆分别荣获“中国建筑防水行业技术进步奖”一等奖、二等奖、三等奖,卧牛山公司 5 类产品、东方雨虹 4 类产品通过 “全国建设行业科技成果推广项目”。
        入选“建材行业 500 强” 、 “建材行业民营企业 100 强”。
        Science and technology fame:
        Oriental Yuhong was included in the list of “2013 National Technology Innovation Demonstrative Enterprises” by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Ministry of Finance. It was one of the only three Beijing enterprises included in the list. 
        Oriental Yuhong also passed the authentication of “Key High-tech Enterprise of 2013 National Torch Plan” by National Torch Center of Ministry of Science and Technology and won top position.
         Oriental Yuhong’s high-density polyethylene self-adhesive waterproof membrane, flame-retardant polymer modified asphalt waterproof membrane, and exterior wall decoration motor respectively won first-class, second-class, and third-class “Technology Advance Award of China Building Waterproof Industry”. 5 types of product of Woniushan Company and 4 types of product of Oriental Yuhong were certified “Scientific Result Promotion Project of National Building Industry”.
        Oriental Yuhong was elected “Pilot of Industrial Enterprises’ Intellectual Property Application Capacity Breeding Project”.
        It was included in “Top 500 Building Material Enterprises” and “Top 100 Private Building Material Enterprises”.
      • 高密度聚乙烯自粘胶膜防水卷材荣获“2013 年度全国工商联科技进步奖”二等奖; 高密度聚乙烯自粘胶膜防水卷材、EVA、喷涂硬泡聚氨酯、装饰砂浆通过住建部“新产品鉴定”。
        SPUA-352 阻燃型喷涂聚脲弹性防水涂料荣获中国硅酸盐学会科学技术三等奖。
        产品经理师刘金景入选“2013 年度北京市科技新星计划” 。

        Oriental Yuhong’s high-density polyethylene self-adhesive waterproof membrane won the second-class award of “2013 Science and Technology Advance Award of National Industry & Commerce Association”. It high-density polyethylene self-adhesive waterproof membrane, EVA, hard foam spray polyurethane, decoration mortar passed the new product identification of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.
        At the Third China Building Waterproofing (South China) Expert Forum, Oriental Yuhong won “The Best Waterproof Material Quality Award” and “The Best Waterproof Technology Innovation Award”.
        Shanghai Oriental Yuhong won the award for “Top 10 Innovative Enterprises in Bridge Industry”.
        SPUA-352 flame-retardant spray polyuria elastic waterproof coating won the third-class sci-tech prize of Chinese Ceramic Society.
        Product manager Liu Jinjing was included into “Beijing New Sci-tech Star Plan for 2013”.
      • 技术创新应用实例Application examples of technological innovations

        东方雨虹应用技术中心于 2011 年 9 月在北京市朝阳区金盏乡成立。中心占地 3800 ㎡,下设有改性沥青产品应用实验室、TPO 卷材系统应用实验、培训室、高密度聚乙烯自粘胶膜卷材应用实验室、培训室、涂膜料应用实验室、露天实验培训场、屋面老化实验场、模型加工车间、机加工实验车间、培训教室、宿舍、行业专家流动工作站等功能设施。
        应用技术中心 2013 年主要研究课题:
        装配式屋面系统、 TPO 卷材单层屋面系统、 PMH-3040 型预铺防水板等成套工程体系技术研究
        2013 年,中心针对同行业企业开展培训 3 期,培训学员 87 人次。针对公司员工及经销商培训 32 期,培训学员 1338 人次,同时面向大连亿达、华夏幸福基业等客户开展 4 期培训。
        Study and promotionof applied technology

        Oriental Yuhong Applied Technology Center was established in Jinzhan Town, Chaoyang District, and Beijing City in September 2011. Occupying an area of 3,800 square meters, the center is made up of modified asphalt application lab, TPO membrane application lab and training room, highdensity polyethylene self-adhesive waterproof membrane application lab and training room, coating application lab, outdoor lab and training field,roof aging test field, model processing workshop, machining lab, training classroom, dormitory, and industry expert flow workstation.
        Top research topics of the applied technology center in 2013 include:
        Determination of engineering application performance of building waterproof material
        Study on engineering application performance of hot-melt polymer modified asphalt waterproof membrane
        Study on engineering application performance of pre-applied self-adhesive membrane
        Study on application of waterproof coating
        Study on engineering system technologies of assembly-type roofing system, TPO membrane single-coat roofing system, and PMH-3040 pre-laid waterproof board.
        Study on engineering application performance of self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproof membrane.
        In 2013, the center carried out three trainings for peer enterprises, in which 87 persons received training, and 32 trainings for company staff and distributors, in which 1338 persons received training. At the same time, it carried out four trainings for Dalian Yida Group and Huaxia Xingfu Jiye Company.
      • 东方雨虹职业培训学校施工技术应用推广
        2013 年,在防水行业呼唤正规施工军团的浪潮下,东方雨虹职业培训学校应运而生。依托北京总校的管理,布局了徐州卧牛山、上海、广东惠州、云南昆明、及北京皮村五大分校。学校拥有完善的组织机构及硬件达标的教学场地, 仅卧牛山保温专业施工技能培训学校,在规模建设上,已计划投资 500 万,未来预计学校面积将达到 1000 平米。
        Oriental Yuhong Occupational Training School promoted engineering technology application
        Oriental Yuhong Occupational Training School was founded in 2013 to meet the industry’s demand on occupational school. Under the Beijing HQ school, there are five branch schools: Xuzhou Woniushan school, Shanghai school, Guangdong Huizhou school, Yunnan Kunming school, and Beijing Picun school. The school has improved organization and up-to-standard classroom. RMB5 million will be invested into Woniushan Thermal Insulation Construction Technique Training School and in the future the area of the school will reach 1,000 sqm.
      • 2013 年 10 月 10 日,东方雨虹职业技能鉴定培训基地授牌仪式举行,中国建筑防水行业职业技能培训的旗舰站点正式成立。
        On October 10, 2013, the unveiling ceremony for Oriental Yuhong Occupational Technique Evaluation Training Base was held. This is an occupational technique training flagship station of Chinese building waterproof industry.
      • 改性沥青防水卷材施工技术培训师培训班于东方雨虹职业技能鉴定培训基地开班,全国主要防水施工企业的技术带头人从这里走出去,成为中国建筑防水行业第一批改性沥青防水卷材施工技术培训师。
        On October 10, 2013, the unveiling ceremony for Oriental Yuhong Occupational Technique Evaluation Training Base was held. This is an occupational technique training flagship station of Chinese building waterproof industry.
      • 凭借职业培训学校的雄厚师资力量和一贯对直属产业工人的管理与训练,在2013 年 12 月 6 日“联盟杯”全国建筑防水行业职业技能大赛上,东方雨虹战队囊括改性沥青防水卷材施工技术和高分子防水卷材施工技术比赛的一冠二亚。东方雨虹施工工人钟友良成为全国首位“中国屋面防水大师”。
        Oriental Yuhong Occupational Technique Evaluation Training Base held training classes for the construction techniques of modified asphalt waterproof membrane. Technique leaders of major Chinese waterproof construction enterprises grew up here and became the first batch of trainers for construction techniques of modified asphalt waterproof membrane.
        Based on solid teaching staff strength as well as management and training on subordinate workers, at the National Building Waterproof Industry Occupational Technique Competition held on December 6, 2013, Oriental Yuhong team won one championship and two runner-ups of the construction technique competition of modified asphalt waterproof membrane and that of polymer waterproof membrane. ZhongYouliang, a worker of Oriental Yuhong, became the first “Chinese roof waterproofing expert”.


    • 安全责任Safety responsibility

      秉持“为人类为社会创造持久安全的环境”的使命, 东方雨虹树立全员参与的安全管理思想,健全安全管理体系,建立安全制度,组织开展安全教育和培训,提高安全意识和危机处理技能,形成浓厚的安全文化氛围,确保公司稳定生产和正常运营。

      Committed to the mission of creating a sustainable and safe environment for human society,Oriental Yuhong advocated whole-staff safety management concept, established safety system,carried out safety education and training, improved risk management techniques, created good safety culture circumstance, and ensured steady production and normal operation.
    • 安全管理体系Safety management system

      22 项安全管理制度,奖惩分明,层层落实。

      东方雨虹根据国家相关安全监督管理法律和规定的要求,加强安全制度建设,制定了《安全生产责任制度》、《安全教育管理制度》、《安全检查管理制度》、《安全生产奖惩制度》、《危险化学品安全管理制度》等 22 项安全管理制度,将安全责任层层落实到每个部门、每个车间、每个施工现场、每个岗位。建立健全各项安全生产规章制度,各项安全生产规章制度已覆盖全面并有针对性,每年对各项制度和操作规程的适宜性、有效性进行重新审阅,并对相关不合格项进行修订,将各项制度规章进一步完善。

      22 safety management systems were strictly implemented.

      In accordance with national safety monitoring & management laws and regulations, Oriental Yuhong strengthened safety system construction, andmade 22 safety management systems including “Safe Production Responsibility System”, “Safety Education Management System”, “Safety Inspection Management System, “Safe Production Reward & Punishment System”, and “Dangerous Chemical Safety Management System”. Those systems were strictly implemented by every department, every workshop, every construction site, and every post. Oriental Yuhong made and improved safe production rules and regulations, which covered the whole production process of the company. Every year Oriental Yuhong will recheck the suitability and efficiency of various systems and operation specifications. It will revise below-standard items and further improve various rules and regulations.

      安全生产Safe production

    • 落实安全生产责任制,建立各部门、各级人员的“横向到边,纵向到底”的安全生产责任体系,层层落实安全生产责任,形成了全员责任、全员参与的安全管理体制。全面实行安全生产标准化及 HES 安全管理体系。
      Oriental Yuhong carried out safe production responsibility system, which covered the whole network of construction and staff, to ensure the fulfillment of safe production responsibility. It also completely carried out safe production standardization and HES safe production system.
    • 为保证贯彻安全管理制度,公司在各大工厂设立了专门的安全管理部门,配备了专职安全管理人员,实行专人专岗。
      To ensure the fulfillment of safety management system, the company set up special safety management department in different factories and arranged professional safety management persons.
    • 成立了安全联动管理小组,以各工厂安环主任为组员,生产运营总监为总督导,整体统筹生产运营系统各工厂的安全管理工作,建立联动互助的长效机制,做到统一部署,安全信息资源共享,群策群力,相互借鉴学习,共同进步,确保生产运营系统整体安全生产目标的达成。
      Oriental Yuhong established a consolidated safety management team, with safety management directors of different factories as team members and production & operation director as leader. The team is responsible for safety management of different factories. Long-term coordination mechanism was set up and safety information and resources was shared. Members worked together to ensure the accomplishment of safe production objective of the whole production & operation system.
    • 2013 年,东方雨虹各大工厂进行安全生产标准化建设及认证工作,按照二级标准化的要求,建立健全了安全生产管理制度体系,目前包括安全生产管理制度、安全操作规程、安全作业标准等共计 106 项。
      In 2013, different factories of Oriental Yuhong carried out safe production standardization construction and authentication. According to the requirement for second-class standardization, Oriental Yuhong set and improved safe production management system including 106 items, for instance, safe production management system, safe operation regulations, and safe operation standard.
    • 管理策略:
      ·建立健全安全生产责任考核与奖惩机制,包括完善工厂的安全处罚条例、制定各部门各级人员的安全考核标准、细化到各部门各级人员的安全生产责任制的建立与贯彻落实等。充分利用经济杠杆来规范员工的安全行为,激励各级人员落实本岗位的安全生产职责,使安全处罚及责任考核“有法可依、有法必依、违法必究、执法必严” 。
      Management strategy:
      ·Completely carried out safe production standardization construction of all factories. Improved safe production management level of all factories strictly in accordance with rules, regulations, and standards.
      ·Set and improved safety education system, including new employee safety education, re-education, and stakeholder education. Making use of bulletins, videos, and pictures, Oriental Yuhong often carried out safety propaganda and education for employees to impress them with in-depth safety concept. It set safe production self-restrain mechanism. Workers must wear required labor protection appliances to avoid human injury
      caused by dangerous things and occupational diseases.
      ·Set and improved early warning management system including safety precaution, system risk analysis. The system is made up of safety examination, hidden risk control, dangerous source identification, safety information bank construction, and system safety evaluation, etc. Through safety information collectionand sum-up, and making use of analysis and prediction, Oriental Yuhong realized dynamic management of safety system
      for risk precaution.
      ·Set and improved safety production responsibility evaluation, reward, and punishment system, including factory safety punishment regulations, personnel safety evaluation standard, and the establishment and fulfillment of safe production responsibility system of different layers and departments. Oriental Yuhong made use of economic leverage to standardize employees’ safety actions. It stimulated the staff to implement safe production responsibility, and improved safety punishment and responsibility evaluation.
    • ·建立健全危险作业、危险岗位、危险设备、危险区、危险物资等重大危险源的管理体系板块,包括台帐建立、监测记录、运行维保记录、巡检记录、安全培训、应急预案、演练记录、安全评价等,实行重点监控管理,预防恶性事故的发生,确保工厂大局的稳定。
      ·着力推进企业安全文化建设。通过评安全生产标兵、安全文明生产班组,开展安全知识竞赛、安全技能比武等活动,推进工厂安全文化建设,营造浓厚的安全生产氛围。 2013 年,公司已投产的各大生产基地每季度联合组织一次安全文化月活动。
      ·Set and improved key danger source management system, including dangerous operations, dangerous post, dangerous equipment, dangerous regions, and dangerous materials. The system is made up of account making, monitoring record, operation & maintenance record, inspection record, safety training, emergency plan, exercise record, and safety evaluation, etc. Oriental Yuhong carried out key point monitoring and management, to
      prevent the occurrence of vicious events and ensure the stability of factories.
      ·Pushed forward corporate safety culture construction. Through safe production model election, safe and civilized production team election, safety quiz show, and safety technique competition, Oriental Yuhong pushed forward factory safety culture construction. In 2013, production bases of Oriental Yuhong jointly carried out safety culture month” every quarter.
    • 实例: 2013 年 11 月 12 日,东方雨生产运营系统开展一年一度生产技术大比武。 比武除了生产技能比拼外,安全预防及危险处理成为重点考核项目,通过比武,提升生产直接操作者及管理人员的质量意识和安全观念。
      Example: On November 12, 2013, Oriental Yuhong production & operation system carried out annual production technique competition. The competition covered production technique, safety precaution, and risk treatment. It improved workers and managers’ quality concept and safety concept.

      • 产品安全Product safety

        1. 东方雨虹本着精益求精的态度,已通过质量管理体系、环境管理体系、职业健康安全管理体系、测量管理体系、CE、CTC、CRCC、中国环境标志产品认证等认证,加强管理体系实际运作并持续改进,产品达到国家法律法规和国际规则规定的安全标准,消除产品可能对消费者和社会产生的安全隐患。
        2. 原材料液态沥青、机油均采用封闭式罐装储存,输送采用封闭式管道,达到与空气、环境隔绝的效果。
        3. 产品的包装符合安全标准,密闭无溢漏隐患,产品上张贴安全技术说明书,关于产品如何安全使用、安全注意事项、应急处理措施等向消费者明确告知。
        1. Oriental Yuhong has passed the authentication for quality management system, environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system, measurement management system, CE, CTC, CRCC, Chinese environmental labeling, etc. It strengthened and improved the operation of management system. Its products meet safety standards stipulated by domestic and international rules and regulations, and hidden
        safety risks for customers and society are eliminated.
        2.Raw materials such as liquid asphalt and engine oil are stocked in sealed tanks and transported through closed pipeline, to ensure insulation from air and environment.
        3. Product packages meet safety standard and have no leakage risk. Safety technology instructions are posted on products to inform customers of safe application procedures, safety precautions, and emergency treatment measures.
      • 4. 法律定义的危险品,其生产、储存、运输、销售、使用,按法律规定的安全防范措施执行,以保证企业、员工、公众、社会设施的安全。
        5. 通过看板拉动系统,管理产品质量安全,使用条形码进行出入库管理,全程实现产品质量追溯,产品抽查检测合格率100%。
        4. The production, storage, transportation, use, and application of dangerous products shall be carried out in accordance with legal safety precautionmeasures, to ensure the safety of enterprise, employees, the public, and social facilities,
        5. Product quality safety is taken care of by pulling system. Bar code is applied for the management of output and input of warehouse. Productquality tracing is made in the whole process, and the pass rate of random product quality check is 100%.
      • 社会安全Social safety

        1. 所有入职人员皆签订洁身自律安全协议,明确其作为东方雨虹人对社会及社区的安全建设应负的责任,严禁从事危害公共安全的行为。
        2. 非本地员工皆办理暂住证,纳入公安部门的管理网络。
        3. 加强对在职人员的公共安全的教育,禁止从事非法娱乐、集会等活动,上下班遵守交通安全法规,保证路途中行车的安全,避免对公众造成不良影响。
        5. 为防止交通事故,新沂生产基地为上下班骑车的每一位员工都购买反光背心。
        6. 作为社会公民,东方雨虹不断强化社会安全措施。 举办安全消防演习互动活动, 对员工进行消防应急、救护演练, 向员工发放急救手册,宣传应急救援知识,营建“人人关注消防、人人参与消防”的安全氛围。
        1. All employees shall sign self-discipline and safety agreement to clarify their responsibility for the safety construction of society and community and to prevent them from risky actions for public safety.
        2. Non-local employees must have temporary residential permit to be included into management network of the public security department.
        3. Oriental Yuhong strengthened public safety education for employees. It banned employees from illegal entertainment and assembly Traffic rules must be followed to prevent bad influences to the public.
        4. Oriental Yuhong increased investment to protect factory environment, and intensified crackdown on pollutants, to strictly control pollutant emission and reduce environmental influence on adjacent community.
        5. To prevent traffic accident, Xinyi production base bought a safety vest for every employee who rides bike on the way to and from work.
        6. As s corporate citizen, Oriental Yuhong continuously strengthened social safety measures. It carried out fire drills, and issued emergency manual to employees, to publicize emergency knowledge and build a good firefighting circumstance.
      • 实例: 2013 年 11 月 6 日上午,上海东方雨虹组织办公楼全体员工参与 2013 年上海申新虎城物业消防演习活动。本次消防演习内容包括如何正确使用灭火器、灭火毯灭火,如何迅速搭建水管,如何从火场疏散撤离等项目。
        Example: In the morning of November 6, 2013, Oriental Yuhong and its whole office staff participated in 2013 fire drill of Shanghai Shenxinhucheng Town. The fire drill includes how to use fire extinguisher, how to put out a fire with fire blanket, how to make a water pipe rapidly, and how to evacuate from fire site.
    • 为了给未来留一片绿色,东方雨虹力求在自身的经营活动及生产、施工过程中最大限度减小对环境的影响。公司通过创新节能减排的理念、技术和管理机制,不断提高能源利用率,切实提高能效、循环

      To leave a green environment to our descendents, Oriental Yuhong tried its best to reduce environmental influence caused by its operation, production, and construction. With energysaving and emission-cutting concept, technology and management system, the company continuously increased energy utility rate and efficiency, made circular use of resources, and built itself into an economical and eco-friendly enterprise.
    • 环境管理Environmental management

      2013 年,东方雨虹继续以“绿色生产、低碳环保”,“标准化”为管理方向,
      组织保障        建立三级环境监控体系,推进环境管理系统化
      规范标准        编制《环境管理条例》、《节能减排手册》、《标准化施工条例》规范公司环保行为
      能力提升        采用集中培训、讲座、观摩、知识竞赛、现场活动等方式,提高环保意识,落实环境管理制度
      过程控制        加强环保技术和环保设施的应用和推广,增加环保投入,实现绿色生产、绿色施工、绿色办公
      环境考核        完善环境管理考核机制,明确奖惩标准,接受相关环境管理部门的核查
      In 2013, Oriental Yuhong continued to push forward standardization and systematization of environmental management with “green production,low-carbon, environmental protection, and standardization” as direction.
      Organization guarantee        Build three-layer environment monitoring system, push forward environment management systematization
      Standardization                    Make“Environment Management Code”, “Energy Saving and Emission Cutting Manual”, 
                                               “Standardized Construction Code”, to standardize environmental protection actions
      Ability improvement              Carry out centralized training, lectures, viewing, quiz show, and on-site events, to increase 
                                                  environmental protection awareness, and implement environment management system.
      Process control                      Increase application and promotion of eco-friendly technologies and facilities, increase investment, and realize green
                                                  production, construction, and office
      Environment evaluation          Improve environment management assessment mechanism, specify reward & punishment standard, and accept 
                                                  inspection of related management department
    • 绿色生产Green product

      ( 一 ) 节能降耗
      东方雨虹各大生产基地推行 5S 管理,通过对生产现场的整理、整顿,使生产环境整洁有序、生产过程安全高效。同时,
      1. 加强 TPM 设备管理,减少设备故障率,做到少停机、短停机,减少因为停机导致的时间、能耗、人员等浪费。
      2. 利用 SAP 等自动化网络系统,优化生产订单,合理排布计划,减少因为品种切换造成的浪费。
      3. 加强工人培训,提高工人操作熟练度,提高单人产出率和产品合格率,做到一次合格,避免返工造成浪费。
      4. 筛选原材料、优化工艺路线和方法、优化生产设备,提高设备利用率从而提高生产效率。
      5. 高性能减水剂生产全部采用自动化控制,将所有原料集中储存。
      6. 原材料电脑控制自动计量,通过无重力混合机混合,自动包装机包装,部分采用阀口机包装,减少劳动强度,提高生产效率。
      7. 高分子防水卷材放卷岗位设备改进,节约劳动力。
      8.厂区照明采用低频等离子体放电无极灯,造价比普通金属卤化物灯增加近 2 倍,但单体能耗降低 60%, 全年照明能耗
         降低约 70%。
      9. 卷材生产线引进了进口自动包装机和热塑风机,使卷材生产效率提高了30.5%。
      (1) Energy saving and emission cutting
      Oriental Yuhong carried out 5S management in different production bases. Through rectification, production sites became clean and orderly, and production processes became safe and highly efficient. At the same time, the company strengthened system management, to ensure it standard,scientific and highly efficient.
      1. Strengthened TPM equipment management to reduce the rate of fault and reduce the waste of time, energy, and labor because of equipment shutdown.
      2. By virtue of SAP automatic network system, optimize production order, rationalize production arrangement, and reduce the waste caused by change of product type.
      3. Strengthen worker training, improve their operation proficiency, increase per person output rate and pass rate, to ensure one-time pass and avoid waste caused by reworking.
      4. Choose raw materials, optimize technique process and methods, optimize production equipment, increase equipment utility rate, so as to increase production efficiency.
      5. High-performance water reducing agents are all controlled automatically, and all raw materials are stocked collectively.
      6. Raw materials are measured automatically by computer, mixed with agravic mixer, and packaged with automatic packaging machine. Some of them are packed with valve port packager, to reduce labor and       increase production efficiency.
      7. Polymer waterproof membrane equipment is improved to reduce labor.
      8. Factories are lighted by LF plasma electrode less lamps, whose price is 2 times more than common metal halide lamp, but energy consumption reduced by 60%, and annual energy consumption reduced by         70%.
      9.Imported automatic packaging machine and thermoplastic blower are introduced to membrane production line, thus increasing production efficiency by 30.5%.
    • ( 二) 低碳减排
      (2) Low carbon and emission reduction
      Producers must be responsible for the waste caused in the production. In accordance with this principle, Oriental Yuhong carried out environmental evaluation, increased environmental investment, unified production site management, and strengthened control and treatment on pollutants and wastes, to reduce influence on community and surrounding ecological environment.
    • 实例:系统 3000 型生产线
      2013 年 6 月,东方雨虹惠州生产基地首条生产线投产,该条生产线正是美国屋面工程协会《专业屋面》杂志所报道的“世界最先进的防水卷材生产线” ——系统 3000 型生产线。新设备、新工艺、新技术所带来的不仅是高效运作的世界一流的生产实力,更是节能、环保的环境友好型经济效益。
      ① 产品系列广、品种多:可生产有胎卷材和无胎卷材,普通改性沥青卷材和自粘卷材,砂面、薄膜覆面、隔离纸覆面等各
      ② 厚度范围大:从 1.0 毫米至 5.0 毫米各类产品,每个涂层厚度最薄为 0.4 毫米,涂层厚度的容差为 0.1 毫米。
      ③ 生产速度快:机械速度为每分钟 100 米,普通 4 毫米厚的改性沥青卷材生产速度为每分钟 50 米,2 毫米厚的自粘卷
      材生产速度为每分钟 70 米。
      ④ 采用最先进的伺服电机缓冲辊装置和 FIFE 对中装置,张力控制精确、对中控制准确。
      ⑤ 伺服电机收卷机:收卷速度每分钟 100 米,每分钟 7 卷,收卷整齐、紧密,长度准确,自动化程度高。
      ⑥ 节省生产成本:由于采用涂料箱技术,涂料精确,可节省大量的自粘料。
      Example: System 3000 production line
      In June 2013, the first production line of Oriental Yuhong Huizhou production base started operation. According to the report of “Professional Roofing” magazine by US National Roofing Contractors Association, System 3,000production line is the world’s most advanced waterproof membrane production line. New equipment, new technique, and new technology brought not only world top-rank production strength, but also more energysaving and more eco-friendly economic efficiency.
      The production line features:
      ① Wide varieties of products: it can produce reinforced membrane and non-reinforced membrane, common modified asphalt membrane, selfadhesive membrane, sand-isolated products, membrane-isolated  products, and release paper-isolated products.
      ② Wide range of thickness: from 1.0mm to 5.0mm. The lowest coat thickness is 0.4mm, and the thickness tolerance is 0.1mm.
      ③ High production speed: mechanical speed is 100m per minute. The production speed of modified asphalt membrane 4mm thick is 50m per minute, and that of self-adhesive membrane 2mm thick is 70m per      minute.
      ④ The most advanced servo motor buffer equipment and FIFE alignment equipment are applied to ensure precise tension control and alignment control.
      ⑤ Servo motor winder: winding speed is 100m per minute and 7 rolls per minute. It ensures tidy and fast winding, precise length, and high automatic degree.
      ⑥ Production cost saving: A lot of self-adhesive materials can be saved because of coating tank technology and precise coating.
    • 绿色施工Green building

      东方雨虹严格遵循以下施工原则:减少场地干扰、尊重当地环境;施工结合气候;节约能源;减少环境污染, 提高环境品质;实施科学管理、保证施工质量,力争将施工周边环境的干扰和影响降到最低
      Oriental Yuhong strictly abides by the following building principles: reducing site disturbance, respecting local environment, paying attention to climate, saving energy, reducing environmental pollution, increasing environmental quality, carrying out scientific management, and ensuring construction quality, so as to reduce construction disturbance and influence to the surrounding environment to the minimum level.
    • ( 一) 噪声污染控制措施
      ① 合理安排施工时间:尽可能避免大量的高噪声设备同时施工,避开周围环境对噪声的敏感时间,避免夜间施工量;在确保施工质量的前提下,尽量加快施工进度,缩短整个工期。
      ② 降低设备声级:尽量选用了低噪声施工机械;施工过程中有专门的设备维护人员,运输车辆采取控速进场措施。
      ③ 降低人为噪声:根据当地环保部门制定的噪声防治条例的要求施工,以免影响周围村民的生活。
      (1) Noise pollution control measures
      ① Reasonably arrange construction time: don’t use two and more high-noise facilities at the same time, avoid construction in sensitive time period,avoid night construction, accelerate construction as much as      possible while ensuring construction quality to shorten the whole construction period.
      ② Reduce equipment noise: low-noise construction machines are used; special equipment maintenance persons are arranged, and the speeds of transportation vehicles are controlled.
      ③ Reduce manmade noise: construction is carried out in accordance with noise prevention regulations set by local environmental protection department, to avoid influence on surrounding citizens’ life.
    • ( 二 ) 扬尘污染控制措施
      ① 施工场地每天定时洒水,防止浮尘产生,在大风日加大了洒水量及洒水次数。
      ② 施工场地内运输通道及时进行了清扫、冲洗,以减少汽车行驶扬尘。
      ③ 运输车辆进入施工场地要求低速行驶或限速行驶,减少扬尘产生量。
      ④ 施工渣土外运车辆加盖蓬布,减少了沿路遗洒。
      ⑤ 避免了起尘原材料的露天堆放。
      ⑥ 所有来往施工场地的多尘物料均用帆布覆盖。
      (2) Floating dust pollution control measures
      ① Water is sprayed on construction site every day to avoid the creation of floating dust. When there’s a gale blowing, water amount and watering frequency are increased.
      ② Timely cleaning and washing of transportation way in construction site is made, to avoid floating dust caused by vehicles.
      ③ Low-speed driving or limited-speed driving is required for transportation vehicles to enter construction site, to avoid floating dust.
      ④ Construction waste transportation vehicles are covered with tarpaulin, to avoid waste scattering.
      ⑤ Outdoor storage of raw materials easy to create floating dust is avoided.
      ⑥ Materials easy to create floating dust are all covered with tarpaulin on the way to and from construction sites.
    • ( 三 ) 生活废水控制措施
      (3) Domestic sewage control measures
      Domestic sewage is collected, pre-treated, and then collectively treated by sewage treatment plant.
    • ( 四 ) 控制固体废物措施
      ① 施工过程中产生的建筑垃圾严格实行定点堆放,并及时清运处理。
      ② 生活垃圾进行分类回收,做到日产日清,严禁随地丢弃。
      ③ 对施工开挖的土壤进行有计划的分层回填,并尽量将表土回填表层。对于因取土破坏的植被,施工完成后已按厂区绿化方案进行了恢复。
      (4) Solid waste control measures
      ① Construction wastes are piled at limited spot, then cleaned and treated in time.
      ② Domestic wastes are recycled according to classes, and cleaned daily. Discarding them everywhere is strictly prohibited.
      ③ Excavated soil is back-filled in layers, and surface soil is back-filled to the original place. Vegetation broken by construction is recovered according to vegetation scheme after the completion of construction.
    • ( 五 ) 控制水土流失的措施
      (5) Soil and water conservation measures
      Oriental Yuhong increased the area of green land in industrial sites, and chose suitable plants to make systematic vegetation for reclamation area.
    • 实例 1:标准化施工
      什么是标准化?简言之,施工管理标准化,施工流程标准化,施工工艺标准化。 具体到施工现场,就是对施工人员从进场到成品保护,从着装佩戴到易燃易爆等物品堆放,从整体施工工艺的熟知到细节处理提出了明确的要求,同时,还要求每个项目施工资料档案齐全,日志明晰,以便对施工进度、施工技术及合格情况的检验和监督,从而提升东方雨虹施工服务品质。
      Example 1: standardized construction

      What is standardization? To be brief, it includes construction management standardization, construction process standardization, and construction technique standardization. To be specific, specific requirements are raised for construction persons, including site entrance, finished product protection, clothes and wearing, explosive and inflammable material piling, and grasp of construction techniques. At the same time, Oriental Yuhong requires complete file of every construction project and clear diary, in order to inspect and monitor construction process, construction technique and qualification conditions, and to improve construction service quality.
    • 东方雨虹是中国建筑防水行业中率先推行标准化施工的企业,也是目前在全国范围内全年推行标准化施工管理的唯一防水企业。
      Oriental Yuhong was the first enterprise in Chinese building industry to carry out standardized construction, and the only waterproof enterprise in China to carry out whole-year standardized construction management.

      • 实例 2:机械化施工
        机械化施工就是机械设备为主,人工为辅,以机械设备作为主要劳动生产力的施工方式。 将原始的防水施工由简单的人力手工施工提升到用设备施工,东方雨虹自行研发的 200 米展铺车可以在高速铁路和高速公路以及大面积施工的工作面上高效快速的施工; 公司机械化施工部更是承揽了公司 90% 以上需机械施工的项目,包括武广客运专线,郑西客运专线,京沪高铁,京石、石武高铁,津秦客运专线,新疆冲乎尔水电站,官地水电站,锦屏水电站以及目前中国防水难度最大的深圳机场的屋面防水施工。
        Example 2: mechanical construction
        Mechanical construction mainly relies on mechanical equipment and is supported by human labor. Oriental Yuhong transformed simple manmade waterproof construction to equipment waterproof construction. It independently developed a 200m coating applying vehicle, which can make high-speed construction on high-speed railway and large-area construction sites. Mechanical construction department of Oriental Yuhong handles more than 90% of projects requiring mechanical construction, including Wuhan-Guangzhou railway for passenger traffic, Zhengzhou-Xian railway for passenger traffic, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Beijing-Shijiazhuang high-speed railway, Beijing-Wuhan high-speed railway, Tianjin-Qinhuangdao railway for passenger traffic, Xinjiang Chonghuer Hydropower Station, Guandi Hydropower Station, Jinping Hydropower Station, and Shenzhen airport whose roofing construction was the most difficult in China.

        • 2013 年,东方雨虹联合美国固瑞克公司,进行 JSA-101 聚合物水泥防水涂料、SPUA-301 单组分聚氨酯防水涂料的设备研发与应用,将施工设备升级。该设备运行功率低,喷涂效果表面光滑、无流淌、涂膜厚度均匀、涂层均匀,大大节省人员的投入和原材料的浪费。
          In 2013, Oriental Yuhong and US Graco Inc. carried out R&D for construction equipment of JSA-101 polymer cement waterproof coating and SPUA-101 single-component polyurethane waterproof coating. After upgrading, the construction equipment is proud of low operating power, smooth coat surface, no coating flowing, even thickness of coat, and even layer, thus highly saving human labor and reducing raw material waste.
    • 绿色生活Green life

      2013 年 4 月,东方雨虹在全公司范围内组织发起勤俭节约、反对浪费的“绿色生活”主题活动。公司倡导员工“绿色用餐”,号召各单位大力推广餐桌文明礼仪,倡导文明用餐行为,拒绝使用一次性餐具,就餐“光盘”,做到“吃多少盛多少”,并逐步推进接待工作的“分餐制度”,最大程度减少餐桌上的浪费,各员工相互监督,相互提醒,形成“节约光荣、浪费可耻”的良好氛围。
      In April 2013, Oriental Yuhong carried out “green life” action advocating frugalness and fighting against waste. The company called employees to be against food waste. It called different units to promote dinner table civilized etiquette, and fight against disposable tableware. Clean plate was advocated. Separate meal system was carried out for guest entertainment to reduce waste on dinner table. Employees warned and monitored each other and formed a good atmosphere “frugalness is honorable, and waste is shameful”.
    • 公司倡导员工“绿色出行”。公司号召员工尽量绿色出行,能坐公交地铁尽量乘坐公交地铁,能骑自行车就骑自行车,能爬楼梯就不乘电梯,为空气质量做出贡献。
      Oriental Yuhong advocated “green traffic”. It called employees to go by public transport means, bike, and try to avoid elevator but to climb stairs for better air quality.
    • 公司倡导员工“绿色办公”,要求进一步深入推广无纸化办公,工作流程尽量电子化,减少纸张文件的印制,用纸提倡双面使用、反复使用,少用一次性签字笔,倡导员工节约用水用电,支持可循环使用的物品,反对过分包装。
      The company advocated “green office”. It asked different departments to push forward paperless office, computerize office work, and reduce theuse of paper as well as disposable marker pen. It also advocated employees to save water and power, use recyclable articles and fight against surplus packaging.
    • 公司倡导员工“绿色生活”:号召员工不追求过度时尚,避免过度的时尚造成资源的浪费。公司号召员工尽量不用一次性物品,尽量选择节能型用具,坚持适度消费,坚持一水多用,坚持营养用餐少食肉类
      The company also advocated “green life”. It called employees not to follow fashion too much, and to avoid resource waste caused by fashion following. Furthermore, it called employees not to use disposable articles and to choose energy-saving articles. Besides, it promoted the use of recycled water, and advocated less-meat meals.
    • 东方雨虹倡俭行动公约
      培育节约好风尚 雨虹人人争榜样
      减少空调使用率 自然通风最健康
      灯泡换成节能灯 用电能省近八成
      电器停用拔插头 待机耗电不能忘
      纸张应当双面用 提高资源利用率
      开会自行带水杯 方便卫生不浪费
      马桶改用小水箱 用水节约应提倡
      留心关好水龙头 节能意识必须有
      少乘电梯爬楼梯 既省电力又健体
      多坐公交跟地铁 既省能源又便捷
      购车就选小排量 节能实惠且时尚
      亲朋外出去就餐 饭菜适量不铺张
      就餐剩余应打包 光盘行动落实处
      购物尽量自备兜 无纺布袋是潮流
      垃圾分类不乱扔 便于应用好再生
      物品少用一次性 节俭资源利环境
      过度包装要反对 绿色环保益社会
      勤俭节约记心间 行为公约共弘扬
      自觉排队守秩序 文明用餐轻言语
      饭前洗手讲卫生 食堂设施需爱护
      和睦共处相礼让 温馨环境大家创
      科学饮食菜适量 七八分饱最健康
      一米一粟皆辛苦 盘中食物要珍惜
      光盘行动非口号 需要你我共执行
      节约光荣浪费耻 传统美德永传承
    • 环境绩效Environmental performance

      锦州生产基地一期工程通过辽宁省环境保护厅环保验收, 二期项目通过环境影响批复。
      Beijing Shunyi production base passed the environmental protection evaluation of Beijing Bureau of Environmental Protection, and passed the evaluation of Environmental Monitoring Station of Beijing Shunyi District Environmental Protection Bureau.
      Shanghai production base passed clean production evaluation and environmental protection verification.
      Yueyang production base passed clean production evaluation and passed environmental protection evaluation of Hunan Provincial Department of Environmental Protection.
      Phase I of Xuzhou Xinyi production base passed environmental protection evaluation and Phase II passed environmental influence evaluation.
      Tiandingfeng production based passed environmental protection evaluation of Dezhou Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection, and passed environmental protection evaluation of Shandong Provincial Department of Environmental Protection.
      Huizhou production based passed environmental protection evaluation of Huizhou Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection.
      Phase I of Jinzhou production base passed environmental protection evaluation of Liaoning Provincial Department of Environmental Protection, and Phase II passed environmental influence evaluation.


    Oriental Yuhong always holds human-oriented concept, respects and protects employees’ lawful rights and interests, abides by legal stimulations such as The Constitution, Law of Labor, Law of Labor Contract, etc. It sets improved procedures in respect of employment and employee promotion, and prevents human rights infringement. In labor practices, Oriental Yuhong combines efficient management with labor protection, standardizes labor management, and improves working conditions. It strengthens labor protection, promotes dialogue between the management and employees, and pays attention to employee training and development.


    人才队伍Talent Team


    秉持“为国家、为社会、为客户、为员工、为股东”的宗旨, 东方雨虹致力于为员工创造和谐的工作环境, 以回报员工, 回报社会为己任, 广泛吸纳海内外各类优秀人才, 优化人才队伍结构, 努力实现员工事业和企业的发展共同进步。


    Oriental Yuhong holds the tenet “for the nation, for the society, for customers, and for shareholders”. It’s devoted to creating harmonious working environment for employees, paying back employees and the society, absorbing domestic and overseas talents, optimizing talent team structure, and realizing win-win development of employees and enterprise.


    ( 一 ) 妇女权益保障
    Women rights guarantee

    公司男女员工实行同岗同酬,关心女工职业成长,女工享有完全平等的政治权利,在晋级中同等条件下优先使用女性员工。公司关爱、尊重女性员工,从制度层面关怀怀孕女员工的“三期”保护,根据孕妇身体情况调整工作内容和岗位,根据国家法律的相关规定,给予怀孕女员工“三期”休假,公司女性员工生育假后返岗率达到 100%。每年“3•8”妇女节,公司为每位女性员工精心准备精致礼物,并放假半天。在所有高管中,女性高管占比为 28%。
    Oriental Yuhong never discriminates against female employees. It cares about the development of female employees and they enjoy same political rights as male employees. Women employees enjoy priority when they are in the same promotion condition with male employees. Oriental Yuhong gives protection to pregnant employees. Pregnant women can enjoy work adjustment according to their conditions. According to laws and regulations, Oriental Yuhong gives holiday to pregnant employees. After giving birth to baby, 100% female employees returned to their original posts. The company will prepare gift for every female employee on the Women’s Day, and women employees can enjoy half-day holiday.28% senior managers of Oriental Yuhong are female.


    ( 二 ) 弱势群体的保护
    Vulnerable group Protection

    公司切实保护少数民资、残疾人等弱势群体的合法权益,少数民族员工数占比为 3.06%,2013 年共录用残疾人 8 名。
    Oriental Yuhong protects lawful rights and interests of vulnerable group such as national minority and disabled persons. 3.06% of its employees are of national minority. In 2013, it employed 8 disabled persons.



    2013 年,东方雨虹设立“雨虹关爱基金”,基金主要帮助公司正式员工或其直系亲属因大病、重病而导致经济困难无法顺利治疗等问题。全年共向十余个家庭伸出了援助之手,累计支出费用达二十余万元。2013 年 12 月,江苏卧牛山公司经济技术部员工曹某母亲身患重病,于北京协和医院接受检查和手术治疗,高额的医疗费用为一个普通家庭带来了沉重的经济负担,公司特为曹某一家送上 2 万元“关爱基金”
    Example: Yuhong Love Foundation
    In 2013, Orientation Yuhong set “Yuhong Love Foundation”, which helps employees or their family members solve economic difficulties caused by serious diseases. In the year the company spent more than RMB200,000 in helping more than 10 families. In December 2013, the mother of an employee at economic and technology department of Jiangsu Woniushan Company was hit by serious disease, and had to make examination and surgical treatment in Beijing Xiehe Hospital. High medical expense brought huge economic burden to the family, and the company gave RMB20,000“Love Fund” to the family.


    工作中的基本权利与保障Fundamental rights and guarantee


    ( 一 ) 权利保障
    Rights and guarantee

    公司建有严格的劳动用工制度,明确规定不使用童工、反对强迫劳动。 2013 年公司没有发生使用童工的事件。



    员工可以通过投诉电话、上访、举报箱等渠道反映他们遇到或可能发生的人权问题。公司对员工的检举和上访按照规定及时登记处理。通过设立走访与员工单独面谈、企业邮箱、员工意见箱等多种途径,拓宽信访渠道。2013 年全年没有侵犯人权的检举和上访事件发生。

    Oriental Yuhong established strict labor system. Child labor and slave labor are strictly prohibited. Oriental Yuhong employed no child labor in 2013.

    The company’s labor system is against any employment discrimination.

    The company introduced employee satisfaction survey from consulting company. Through assessment and investigation on employee satisfaction, it continuously adjusts management system.

    Employees can report any human right problem they now meet or may meet through tip-off telephone and other report channels. The company treated employees’ tip-off and report in time. Through visit, independent interview, corporate mailbox, and employee suggestion box, the company expanded report channel. In 2013, no accusation and compliant of human rights infringement occurred.


    ( 二 ) 员工满意度的维度分布
    Definition of employee satisfaction



    Through interviews with different levels of employees, Oriental Yuhong explains employee satisfaction from the dimension of strategy, talent development, management improvement, corporate development, and personal development.



    ( 三 ) 结社自由
    Freedom of association
    公司按照有关规定建立工会组织,员工入会率 100%。2013 年,在结构调整和管理创新活动中,公司工会全力维护员工的合法权益,教育和引导员工正确对待改革带来的利益关系调整,发挥了工会组织的重要作用。

    The company established labor union in accordance with related rules and regulations, and 100% employees participated in the labor union. In 2013, Oriental Yuhong labor union protected employees’ lawful rights and interests in structure adjustment and management innovation. Guiding employees how to treat with interest relation adjustment brought about by transformation, it played important role in the transformation.


    ( 四 ) 集体协商
    Collective negotiation



    Employees’ labor relation, salary & benefit, labor protection, work time, and holiday system that are in close relation with employees’ interests are discussed by employee representative conference in accordance with related policies and regulations. Through consultation with employee representatives on the basis of equality, the conference announced negotiation results and specified them in collective contracts.




    ( 一 ) 保障就业
    Employment security



    Oriental Yuhong established and improved labor system and standardized employment management. 100% employees signed labor contracts. The company improved the system of posts to meet market demands and corporate development demands. It also established competitive employment system and gradually optimized employment structure, to avoid overuse of part-time laborers and guarantee employees’ benefit.


    ( 二 ) 促进当地就业
    Local employment promotion


    公司坚持属地化用工政策,依托公司在当地业务的快速发展,促进当地就业。在均等的条件下,优先聘用当地员工。随着公司战略版图的不断扩大,公司在北京、上海、岳阳、锦州、惠州、新沂、临邑、唐山、咸阳等地修建生产研发物流基地,2013 年,公司先后在江苏、唐山、香港、咸阳成立全资子公司,给当地居民提供更多就业机会,对于壮大当地工业经济总量,促进当地居民就业,优化产业结构,丰富产业门类,起到了积极的促进作用。

    Oriental Yuhong insisted on and promoted local employment on the foundation of fast development of its local business. It gave priority to local employees when local employees were in same conditions with others. Following expansion in different regions, it established production, R&D, or logistic bases in Beijing, Shanghai, Yueyang, Jinzhou, Huizhou, Xinyi, Linyi, Tangshan, and Xiangyang. In 2013, the company set up wholly-owned subsidies in Jiangsu, Tangshan, HK, and Xiangyang, providing more employment opportunities to local citizens and playing active role in promoting local industrial economy, local employment, optimizing local industrial structure, and enriching local industry categories.


    ( 三 ) 校园招聘
    Campus recruitment


    2013 年东方雨虹在全国32 所院校中开展宣传,其中含10 所职业院校。在高校组织大型校园宣讲会9 场,参加双选会5 场。接收2013 年应届毕业生129 人,2012 年毕业生62 人,共计191 人。

    In 2013 Oriental Yuhong carried out propaganda in 32 schools and colleges all over the country, including 10 occupational schools. It held 9 largescale campus lectures in colleges, and participated in 5 campus recruitments fairs. In 2012 it employed 62 new graduates, and in 2013 it employed 129 new graduates.


    工作条件和劳动保护Working conditions and labor protection


    ( 一 ) 薪酬福利
    Salary & benefit


    社会保险制度健全,按规定及时为员工缴纳养老、医疗、失业、工伤、生育保险和住房公积金,并额外购买意外伤害保险,对于外出培训及团体活动均给每位员工购买意外商业保险,让员工安心工作,放心出行。截至2013 年底,在保人员数量达到3000 人次,为员工提供更全面的福利和保障。
    2013 年,公司对管理科学、善于创新、成绩突出的先进集体和个人进行表彰,奖励人数约占公司总人数的15%,激励先进,树立典型,推动东方雨虹整体工作再上新台阶。

    Oriental Yuhong tries its best to establish a fair, reasonable, and competitive salary system in accordance with the principle “salary based on post,efficiency coming first, giving salary in accordance to performance, and taking count of equity simultaneously”.
    It insists on the principle of sharing development results with employment, and tries its best to increase employees’ salary and benefit. In recent three years, Oriental Yuhong’s employees saw an average salary growth of 15%, higher than industry average.
    Oriental Yuhong has an improved social insurance system. It paid insurances for employees’ endowment, unemployment, employment injury,maternity, and housing provident fund, and specially bought accident insurance. It also bought accident and commercial insurance for everyemployee who went on business trip of training or group activity. By the end of 2013, 3,000 employees in total enjoyed all-round insurances.
    In 2013, Oriental Yuhong commended advanced groups and persons that made outstanding achievements in scientific management and innovation,etc. 15% staff was commended. Through award and commendation, Oriental Yuhong promoted its whole staff to a higher level.
    Oriental Yuhong gave birthday gifts and wedding gifts to all employees every year, and held collective birthday party for employees. In traditional festivals, such as the Mid-Autumn Day and the Spring Festival, it sent gifts to employees. Especially in the Spring Festival, Oriental Yuhong extended greetings and sent gifts to employees’parents.


    为了进一步建立、健全公司长效激励机制,吸引和留住优秀人才,充分调动公司中高层管理人员及核心技术(业务)人员的积极性,有效地将股东利益、公司利益和经营者个人利益结合在一起,使各方共同关注公司的长远发展,在充分保障股东利益的前提下,按照收益与贡献对等原则,根据《公司法》、《证券法》、《上市公司股权激励管理办法(试行)》等有关法律、法规的规定,2013 年8 月,董事会对中层以上管理人员、核心业务技术人员共计311 人授予相关激励对象限制性股票,更好地完善了现有的薪酬体系,使薪酬激励发挥最大作用。

    Example: equity stimulation
    To set up and improve a long-term stimulation mechanism, attract and retain excellent talents, motivate middle-level and senior managers and core technology (sales) staff, combine shareholders’ interests, company’s interests, and employees’ interests, and make all parties care for the company’s long-term development, Oriental Yuhong rewarded 311 persons, including mid-level and senior managers and core technology (sales) staff with limited equities in August 2013, on the premise of ensuring shareholders’ interests, and in accordance with incoming-contribution equity principle, and laws and regulations like Company Law, Securities Law, Measures for the Administration of the Equity Incentives of Listed Companies. The action further improved the current salary system and gave full play to stimulation effect of the system.



    ( 二 ) 工作生活平衡
    Work-life balance


    Oriental Yuhong respects employees’ family responsibility and helps employees accomplish happy work and happy life.
    It cares about employees’ development and health, promoted paid-holiday system, and set various types of holidays. The number of Oriental Yuhong’s holiday days is more than national-specified standard.
    To ensure grassroots workers’ rest and improve their living conditions, Oriental Yuhong provided for-free dormitory for all workers with an area of 3,000sqm in total. To relieve economic stress of apartment renting on urban employees, Oriental Yuhong gave special fund for employees to rent collective dormitory, and provided digital TV, 24-hour hot water, broad-band network, and table tennis room, etc., for employees to improve their living conditions.
    Oriental Yuhong opened employees’ dining hall to ensure employees can enjoy safe, clean and nutritious meals. Good dining environment, clean tableware, and delicious food are welcomed by employees.
    Oriental Yuhong thinks highly of vegetation and beautification of offices. HQ and subsidies invested nearly RMB200, 000 every year to buy potted plants, to give employees an elegant and comfortable work environment.


    员工关爱Employee Care



    Oriental Yuhong actively advocated the concept “Happy Life, Healthy Life”. It carried out various activities to strengthen corporate culture construction, and strengthen relation of employees, corporation, and departments. Besides, the company also organized various recreational activities to enhance employees’ sense of belonging.


    2013 年3 月26 日东方雨虹参加了2013 春季北京顺义国际长走大会,百余名员工体验低碳、健康的生活方式,与自然环境保持良性互动,这是东方雨虹第十次组织参加国际长走大会。
    On March 26, 2013.Oriental Yuhong participated in 2013 Spring International Long-distance Walk Competition (Shunyi District, Beijing). More than 100 Oriental Yuhong staff members participated in the competition and experienced low-carbon and healthy life style. It was the 10th time for Oriental Yuhong to organize the Long-distance walk competition.


    2013 年4 月,公司组织了东方雨虹首届篮球联赛,共有十余支队伍参赛,锻炼身体的同时,也促进了员工之间的沟通交流,同时对于团队凝聚力的提升有了显著的效果。
    In April 2013, Oriental Yuhong organized the first employee basketball competition. More than 10 teams joined in the competition, which not only did favor to employees’ health but also strengthened employees’ communication. It also played outstanding role in enhancing team cohesiveness.


    2013 年6 月,东方雨虹开展了为期五十天的文化艺术节活动,包括书画摄影大赛、征文比赛、厨艺大赛、歌咏才艺展示、运动会等一系列的活动,文化艺术节以文艺创作展示、文化交流活动、体育运动大会为平台,充分展示公司各方面的精神风貌和企业形象,以文化聚人心,以文化强管理,以文化增实力。
    In June 2013, Oriental Yuhong carried out 50-day “Culture & Art Festival”, which included painting, calligraphy, photography competitions, article competitions, cooking competitions, singing and art competitions, sports games etc. With artistic creation, cultural communication, and sports games as platform, the “Culture & Art Festival” gave full play to the spirit and corporate image of the company. It strengthened staff cohesiveness.


    2013 年岁末,公司面向东方雨虹全体生产工人、施工工人、公司各系统员工、雨虹工长“虹哥”,以及全体经销商举办“回家基金”计划,为雨虹人、雨虹身边人回家的路上增添一份温暖和力量。
    Oriental Yuhong actively advocated the concept “Happy Life, Healthy Life”. It carried out various activities to strengthen corporate culture construction, and strengthen relation of employees, corporation, and departments. Besides, the company also organized various recreational activities to enhance employees’ sense of belonging.


    2013 年春节前夕,广东东方雨虹急员工之所急,一次性为基层员工及一线施工工人订购往返春运票132 张,为员工的返乡解除了后顾之忧。
    On the eve of the 2013 Spring Festival, Guangdong Oriental Yuhong ordered 132 tickets for grassroots employees and construction workers, to solve their difficulty in buying tickets back home.


    健康安全Health and safety


    ( 一 ) 职业健康安全管理体系
    Occupational health & safety management system



    Oriental Yuhong put employees’ health and safety on top position, cared about employees’ occupational healthy, set an improved occupational health & safety management system boasting of systematic safe operation flow and operation specification. At the same time, it arranged special persons to monitor and manage the normal operation of the system. It also organized periodical physical examination on occupational disease, set up file of employees’ occupational health, and created work environment and labor conditions advantageous to employees’ health.
    Oriental Yuhong periodically arranged physical examination for the whole staff every year. It designed various physical examination schemes in accordance with employees’ differences in sex and age. According to real conditions, it arranged special lectures beneficial to employees’ physical and psychological health, and spread health knowledge through emails and videos.


    ( 二 ) 劳动保护
    Labor protection



    Oriental Yuhong thinks highly of labor protection. When improving work environment, it gave labor protection articles to employees in time,and included pre-job occupational health training and periodical training into routine safety education system, to teach employees of operation specification and proper use of protection equipment and personal labor protection articles, and strengthen employees’ self-protection skills.Occupational health caution signs are set at construction sites.
    Oriental Yuhong carried out periodical inspections over harmful substances such as dust, noise, and poison, and entrusted qualified occupational health service providers to make periodical occupational health inspection over the posts which may be harmful to occupational health. It upgraded and transformed labor protection facilities against dust, poison, and noise, discarded outdated techniques and technologies, and improved work environments of construction sites.


    ( 三) 职业病防治
    Occupational disease prevention


    对从事有职业危害因素作业的职工进行上岗前、在岗期间和离岗前的职业健康监护查体,查体结果全部及时准确地录入员工档案。对历史上确诊的职业病例及时跟踪复查,对复查后需住院治疗的病人,及时组织到专业医院进行治疗,解除了员工后顾之忧。特殊作业岗位员工,按规定实行保健津贴及休养制度。员工职业病发病率持续降低。2013 年全年未发生职业危害事故。

    Oriental Yuhong carries out Law of the Peoples Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases, and is devoted to monitoring and protection of occupational health and safety, as well as prevention of occupational disease, holding the concept “Human Orientated, Health First”. It continuously improved construction conditions, and actively prevents, controls and eliminates occupational disease risks.
    Oriental Yuhong made occupational pre-job, on-job, and job-leave health examinations for employees on the posts of harmful influences to occupational health. It included all the physical examination results into employee files. Furthermore, it made follow-up and re-examination on employees with occupational diseases, and organized patients needing hospitalization to be treated in professional hospitals. Employees on special jobs enjoy health subsidy and recuperation system. Therefore the incidence rate of occupational disease dropped year by year. In the whole year 2013, no occupational hazard accident occurred in Oriental Yuhong.


    ( 四 ) 心理关爱
    Psychological care



    Good communication environment not only mobilizes employees, but also promotes corporate innovation spirit. When Oriental Yuhong provided employees with channel and opportunities to talk with managers, it precisely grasped psychological states of different employees in different periods through scientific measurement and analysis. It solved interpersonal difficulties caused by human resource arrangement, and solved psychological problems caused by keen market competition. It also helped employees relieve psychological stress and improved their psychological health.
    Oriental Yuhong reduced and eliminated the factors which may cause occupational psychological health problems, and established positive and healthy work environment. On the one hand, it improved work environment hardware; on the other hand, it improved work environment software through organizational transformation, leadership training, team construction, job shift, and career planning.
    Through trainings for stress management, frustration response, psychological adjustment, and psychological techniques, Oriental Yuhong not only helped employees know the knowledge of occupational psychological health, grasp basic methods of improve psychological quality, and improve resistibility against psychological problems, but also helped managers find proper solutions to solve employees’ psychological problems.
    Oriental Yuhong labor union established an improved labor dispute mediation committee and labor dispute mediator team. They listened to employee’s voices and answered employees’ questions. Insisting on the work principle “answer every question, treat every complaint, and bring forth result of every case”, the labor union effectively solved many latent conflicts.


    发展与培训Development and Training


    Oriental Yuhong always insists on human-oriented concept, and harmonious development between employees and enterprise. Starting form allround development of employees, it provided employees with opportunities to improve their techniques and knowledge, and made them enjoy the fruit of corporate development. Besides Oriental Yuhong training school, it also established a colorful internal training system including new employee pre-job training and manager training.


    ( 一)培训体系


    公司培训体系建设以“员工四化”为纲,以员工素质评价体系与职业化行为评价体系为基础,建立培训制度管理体系、培训资源管理体系、培训运营管理体系三维立体体系架构,并成立ELN 网络培训学院。公司创立学分制培训制度,并将课程分必修课、选修课,同时按照职业序列对课程进行了划分,近80 门课程。
    公司按不同序列、职位分层分类开展培训。2013 年参训学员总计8602 人次;培训课程时长1683 小时;平均培训时间约为7.65 小时/ 天。


    (1) Training system
    Oriental Yuhong’s training system was based on employee quality assessment system and occupational action assessment system. It also included training system management system, training resources management system, and training operation management system. ELN Net Training Academy was thus born. The company established credit training system and separated its courses into compulsory courses and optional courses.
    There are nearly 80 courses classified in accordance with occupations.
    For every new employee, Oriental Yuhong appointed an old employee as tutor. They signed tutor responsibility agreements. Tutors will teach new employees courses and knowledge according to different employment periods.
    The company carried out trainings in accordance with different levels and posts. In 2013, 8,602 persons joined in trainings, and the total training course hours reached 1683 hours, averagely 7.65 hours per day.


    营造氛围:注重在员工中营造学习氛围,每季度开展E-learning 优秀读后感评选活动。鼓励员工参加学历学位教育、职业资格及中高级职称认证,在备考期给予带薪假期,认证费用报销等政策。在职位晋升时优先考虑自愿主动学习、会学习的员工。
    Creating learning atmosphere: Oriental Yuhong thinks highly of the creation of learning atmosphere and carried out quarterly elections for excellent articles written after E-learning. It encouraged employees to get higher education degree, occupational qualification, middle-level and senior occupational tile, and gave employees paid-holiday for the preparation of examination. It also reimbursed employees’ qualification expenses. The company will give priority to employees who are active in learning when those employees compete with others for job promotion.


    Training method: credit system, employee tutor system, internal and external tutoring, E-learning, case sharing, trans-enterprise communication,extended training, theory learning, practical exercises, physical quality training.


    培训设施与经费投入:设立员工教育培训中心及技术工人培训学校,有最大容量为100 人的大、中、小教室及会议室10 余间,占地2000 平米的技术工人实操场地。并购置了网络线上学习平台、在每个公司设立专业视频培训系统、技术工人培训用施工设备等,按照工资总额1.5%-2% 作为培训预算,逐年加大投入比例。
    Investment into training facilities and fees: Oriental Yuhong set up employee education & training center, as well as technical worker training school, which included more than 10 classrooms and meeting room holding 100 persons at maximum, and a technical worker exercise field with an area of 2,000sqm. It also bought E-learning platform and set professional video training system and technical worker training facilities for every subsidiary. Training budget is 1.5-2% of gross payroll, and the budget is rising year by year.


    Training resources: Oriental Yuhong made strategic cooperation with waterproofing industry associations and nearly 20 colleges. It periodically invited experts and famous trainers to deliver lectures, and set up internal trainer breeding and authentication system. It paid internal trainers according to lecture hours, and prepared gifts for those trainers. Besides, it also encouraged employees to write and improve courseware.


    Training target: The Company gave different trainings to different persons according to their levels and positions.




    ( 二 ) 职业规划与成长通道
    Occupational planning and growth


    公司除通过加强绩效反馈与改进,将员工职业发展作为部门经理的重要职责之一,并加以考核等方式帮助员工职业发展外,同时还引进一系列的测评工具,并结合360 度评估等线下工具对员工开展分序列、分职位的不同结构评估,促进员工职业发展。
    2013 年8-9 月,智联招聘联合北京大学企业社会责任与雇主品牌传播研究中心推出“2013 中国年度最佳雇主”调查活动,参与报名的企业数量达2132 家,东方雨虹获得了2013 中国年度最佳雇主北京30 强的荣誉。
    To create multi-channel occupational development space for employees, Oriental Yuhong encouraged employees to set lifelong learning concept and combine occupational development with corporate development. It gave support and guarantee to employees’ occupational planning.
    Through performance feedback and improvement, Oriental Yuhong took employees’ occupational development as one of most important responsibilities of department managers. It introduced a series of assessment tools and assessed employees’ occupational development with tools like360 Degree Performance Appraisal in accordance with different levels and different positions.
    Based on the assessment method combining qualification standard, occupational development planning, and competency model, Oriental Yuhong encouraged employees to make job rotation and promotion through normal development, internal competition, and special appointment.
    From August to September 2013, Zhilian Zhaopin made investigation on “2013’s Best Chinese Employers” together with CSR and Employer Brand Propaganda Research Center of Peking University. 2,132 enterprises participated in the investigation, and Oriental Yuhong won the honor “2013’s Top 300 Best Beijing Employers”.












    • 近年来, 东方雨虹以“责任构筑未来”为主线,坚持责任先行,积极倡导或参与公益慈善事业,并将业务领域作为公益支持的重点领域,形成常态,努力建成具有高度社会责任感的一流企业。公司定期组织无偿献血、积极开展“服务百姓拒绝渗漏”公益活动,为弱势群体提供免费防水维修、捐助希望小学,帮扶贫困学生、开展公益植树、倡导绿色低碳环保的长走活动等等,公司与员工携手积极投身社会公益慈善事业。
    • In recent years Oriental Yuhong insisted on the way “creating a bright future with responsibility”, and actively advocated or participated in public welfare actions and charity. It took its business as the key part of public welfare support, and tried to build itself into a top-class enterprise with high social responsibility awareness. The company carried out blood donation and the action “Serve Citizens, Fight against Leakage”, provided vulnerable groups with for-free waterproofing service, made donation to hope primary schools, helped poor students, and advocated eco-friendly long-distance walk. The company and employees were jointly devoted to public welfare.
    • 实例1:“无偿献血周”活动第四年
      弘扬“责任构筑未来 爱心奉献社会”的精神,2013 年,东方雨虹组织开展“无偿献血周”活动。共有超过200 人加入无偿献血的行列,累计献血量达4 万余毫升。自2010 年确定“无偿献血周”的传统以来,东方雨虹各分支机构连续四年举办无偿献血周活动,多名连年参与无偿献血活动的员工单人献血总量已达1000ml。捐献可再生的血液,挽救不可重来的生命,对雨虹人来说不仅是大爱的奉献,更是一种责任的力量。
      Example 1: the fourth anniversary of “Blood Donation Week” event 
      Holding the spirit “creating a bright future with responsibility, contributing to the society with love”, Oriental Yuhong carried out “Blood Donation Week” event in 2013. More than 200 employees made blood donation, and more than 40,000ml blood was donated. Since 2010 Oriental Yuhong and its subsidies have carried out the event for four consecutive years, and the amount of blood donated by Oriental Yuhong employees has reached 1,000ml per person. Blood donation shows the love and responsibility of Oriental Yuhong employees

    • 实例2: 积极开展技术交流活动
      东方雨虹是系统防水理念的倡导者和践行者,一直以来,东方雨虹非常重视开展系统防水技术交流活动。防水技术交流活动的形式多种多样,有防水理论、理念的研讨,有防水技术的运用,有防水材料真假的鉴别,还有渗漏现场工程的诊断,从设计院防水设计方案的交流,到甲方单位、总包单位、监理单位的技术交流,到高等院校的理论论证及宣讲,再走进百姓社区推进安居康乐工程的活动中。2013 年,公司针对设计院设计师、地产开发公司工程师、工程现场技术工程师、战略合作代理商、高等院校等开展了不同规模、不同方式的防水技术交流会近1000 场次。
      Example 2: Active technique communication
      Oriental Yuhong is the advocator and practice of systematic waterproof concept. It always thinks highly of systematic waterproof technology communication meetings. Oriental Yuhong held various communication meetings, and they cover waterproof theory and concept discussion, waterproof technique application, identification on authenticity of waterproof materials, diagnosis on leakage, waterproofing design scheme communication, technique communication among the first party, contractor, and supervisor, theory argumentation in colleges, and implementation of waterproof service projects for communities. In 2013, Oriental Yuhong convened nearly 1,000 waterproof technology communication meetings with designers of designing institutes, engineers of real estate development companies, on-site technique engineers, strategic partner clients, and colleges.
    • 实例3:“服务百姓拒绝渗漏”公益活动第五年
      多年来,公司在“为人类为社会创造持久安全的环境”的企业使命驱动下,连续举办“服务百姓 拒绝渗漏”、“防水知识大讲堂”主题系列公益活动,将公益支持领域与企业业务相结合。该活动也是公司与协会联合打造的财政部支持项目,针对房屋渗漏、如何识别防水材料的真伪、如何鉴定防水工程的质量等问题,以社区为单位,通过播出系列防水专题节目、线下专题讲座、发放科普读物、开通免费咨询热线、提供专业渗漏治理方案和服务等各种方式,向更多百姓普及了防水知识、提高老百姓对防水问题的专业认知,从根源上解决居民的安居问题
      Example 3: the fifth year of “Serve Citizens, Fight against Leakage” public welfare event
      Driven by the corporate mission “Create Long-term and Safe Environment for Human and Society”, Oriental Yuhong has carried out public welfare event “Serve Citizens, Fight against Leakage” and “Waterproof Knowledge Class” for many years. The public welfare event was supported by the Ministry of Finance. Focusing on the topics such as house leakage, how to verify the authenticity of waterproof materials, and how to evaluate waterproof project quality, with community as unit, Oriental Yuhong broadcasted series waterproof programs, waterproof lectures, released science popularization reading materials, opened free consulting hotline, and provided common people with professional leakage treatment scheme and service. The event publicized waterproof knowledge and improved people’s knowledge on waterproof issues, and solved people’s residential problems.
    • 2013 年是“服务百姓,拒绝渗漏”大型公益活动开展的第五年。“服务百姓 拒绝渗漏”活动还针对空巢老人、低保家庭、市级以上劳动模范和为社会为国家做出特殊贡献等四类人群免费开展上门维修服务,切实为社会服务,为民做实事。
      2013 was the fifth year for the large public welfare event “Serve Citizens, Fight against Leakage”. Oriental Yuhong also carried out for-free maintenance service for four types of people: empty-nest elderly, low-income families, labor models above municipal level, and persons who made special contribution to the society and the nation.
    • 2013 年,东方雨虹“服务百姓 拒绝渗漏”主题公益活动在全国50 多个社区开展了近百场次的房屋渗漏问题知识科普活动,接听了上万人次的渗漏诊断及防水问题咨询电话,现场发放防水科普资料30000 多册,为50 个家庭上门渗漏义诊,为20 个特殊群体家庭提供了免费的渗漏维修,仅维修费用即投入近80 万元。
      In 2013, Oriental Yuhong carried out nearly 100 house leakage knowledge popularization activities in more than 50 communities, heard nearly 1,000 consulting telephones about leakage diagnosis and waterproof questions, released 30,000 waterproof knowledge popularization manuals, made forfree leakage diagnosis for 50 families, provided for-free leakage maintenance for 20 special families, and the total maintenance investment reached nearly RMB800,000.
    • 2013 年的“服务百姓 拒绝渗漏”主题公益活动在延续2012 年的线下客户的基础上,开辟微博、微信平台的专门科普渠道/ 栏目,为更多移动互联网用户或广大中青年家装业主提供专业防水知识及实时的在线问题解答。
      In 2013, the public welfare event “Serve Citizens, Fight against Leakage” opened science popularization channel/column at weibo and wechat, to popularize waterproof knowledge and give in-time answers to online questions of Internet users and young persons.
    • 实例4:建筑防水博物馆
      由东方雨虹承建的中国建筑防水博物馆2013 年接待国内外参观者近6000 人。博物馆采用文物、文物复原制品、历史文献、历史工匠生平、建筑复原模型等实物展示,辅以现代化多媒体设备展示等手段,以及自己动手进行实践,让参观者获得全面的建筑防水教育。建筑防水博物馆全面展示了中国古代建筑防水的起源和发展历程、我国近现代民族防水工业的发展历程以及新中国成立以来建筑防水工业现代化的历程。博物馆内收集的文物主要为历史建筑屋顶防水产品,有秦、汉、唐、明、清、民国等时代的砖、瓦、柱础、兽头等文物,以及二十世纪中期中国现代建筑防水产品、生产、研发设备等近代文物。收藏了历代相关建筑技术的文献图书珍品,如《考工记》、《天工开物》、《营造法式》、以及近现代出版的众多建筑历史研究文献、图书等。它是目前世界上第一所也是唯一一所以建筑防水为主体阐述建筑发展文化的场馆,它被越来越多的人所熟悉,防水知识也越来越多地走入更多人的生活之中。
      Example 4: Building Waterproof Museum
      Chinese Building Waterproof Museum built by Oriental Yuhong was visited by nearly 6,000 domestic and foreign citizens in 2013. The museum gives building waterproof education to visitors through exhibition of relics, relic copies, historical documents, introduction to historical craftsmen, and building models. The exhibitions are supported by modern multimedia devices and hands-on practices. The museum gives full display to the origin and development of ancient Chinese building waterproofing technologies, the modern and contemporary development of Chinese waterproofing industry, and the modernization history of building waterproofing industry since the foundation of the People’s Republic of China. The relics in the museum are mainly historical roof waterproof works, including bricks, tiles, column bases, and animal head sculptures in the Qin, Han, Tang,Ming, and Qing Dynasties and the Republic of China. They also include relics of Chinese modern building waterproof products, production, and R&D facilities in the 20thcentury. The museum collected historical documents about building techniques of different dynasties, for example, The Artificers’ Record, Exploitation of the Works of Nature, Building Formulas, and many historical building documents and books in the modern and contemporary times. The museum is the world’s first, also the only museum about building waterproofing and building development culture. When more and more people are familiar with the museum, more and more waterproof knowledge is popularized.
    • 爱心传递Love Passing

      作为以社会责任为己任的企业,公司从教育支持、环境保护、文化促进、社会关爱等诸多方面回馈社会,用实际行动履行社会责任,促进企业与社会和谐稳定的发展, 把社会责任融入企业发展,完善企业文化建设和推行社会责任相结合,号召并呼吁社会各界一起投身社会公益活动,为创造健康良性的生活环境尽一份绵薄之力,在创造企业价值的同时,创造社会更多价值。
      Oriental Yuhong took social responsibility as its own responsibility. The company paid back the society with education support, environmental protection, culture promotion, and social care. It implemented social responsibility with practical actions, promoted harmonious and steady development of enterprise and society, integrated social responsibility into corporate development, and combined corporate culture construction with social responsibility. It called different circles to devote themselves to public welfare and contribute to the creation of a healthy life environment.
    • 2013 年8 月1 日,山东天鼎丰非织造布有限公司董事长聂松林一行前往临邑县消防大队慰问,与当地消防官兵“共庆八一”,为他们送去节日的温暖。
      On August 1, 2013, Nie Songlin, President of Shandong Tiandingfeng Non-woven Fabric Co., Ltd., expressed gratitude and appreciation to the firefighting department of Linyi County, and spent the Army Day with local firemen.
    • 2013 年11 月,公司海外事业部组织图书、衣物捐赠活动,共计发往西藏、四川、甘肃贫困山区、小学五批次图书、衣服等物资,在寒冬来临之前为大山里的孩子送去温暖。
      In November 2013, Oriental Yuhong overseas business department organized a books & clothes donation, and sent the donation to poor mountain regions in Tibet, Sichuan, and Gansu, to give warmth to kids in the mountains.
    • 马年春节前夕,南京市玄武区妇联组织开展“恒爱行动 爱暖童心”双节走访慰问活动,作为南京市女企业家协会代表及玄武区第十届妇代会成员,卧牛山公司副总经理罗玉双代表公司为明心幼儿园的150 名孤独的天使送去关爱和新春祝福。
      山东天鼎丰为临邑县邢侗街道办、兴隆镇敬老院送慰问品,价值5 万元。
      8 月, 山东天鼎丰为临邑县第一中学送助学金5 万元。
      On the eve of the 2014 Spring Festival, the Women’s Federation of Xuanwu District, Nanjing City organized an event “Love for Autistic Children” to express cares and greetings to 150 autistic children in Mingxin Kindergarten. Luo Yushuang, Vice GM of Woniushan Company, a member of the 10th Women’s Federation and a representative of Nanjing Female Entrepreneur Association, participated in the event.
      Shandong Tiandingfeng sent gifts worth RMB50,000 to Xingtong Street Office of Linyi County and Xinglong Town Nursing Home.
      In August 2013, Shandong Tiandingfeng gave RMB50,000student subsidy to the First Middle School of Linyi County.
      Shandong Tiandingfeng bought gifts for the activities carried out by Elderly Drums Association of Linyi County Committee of Senior Citizens.
    • 凭借对社会公益和慈善事业的卓越贡献,在第三届中国公益节上,东方雨虹斩获“最佳公益品牌形象奖”、“最佳公益项目奖”双项大奖。9 月,公司再次凭借持续的公益行为,荣获“美境中国”最佳绿色公益项目,最佳企业公众形象双项大奖。长期以来,东方雨虹自觉履行公民责任,将公益奉为己任。做公益就是充满爱心的一群人将手中拥有的资源交付给需要的人,并坚持如此做下去,这是公司的公益行动原则。无论是坚持了5 年的“服务百姓,拒绝渗漏”公益项目,还是“无偿献血周”、“雨虹红领巾书屋”等等,都有力地表明,东方雨虹很好地做到了这一点。
      By virtue of outstanding contributions to the public welfare and charity, in the Third Chinese Public Welfare Festival, Oriental Yuhong won two awards: “Best Public Welfare Brand Image Award” and “Best Public Welfare Event Award”. In September 2013, the company won the award “Best Green Public Welfare Event” and the award “Best Corporate Public Image” in “Beautiful China” election. Oriental Yuhong has always been active in fulfilling corporate social responsibility. It insists on the action principle of transferring resources to people in need. It showed its commitment to public welfare through 5-year public welfare event “Serve Citizens, Fight against Leakage”, “Blood Donation Week”, and “Yuhong Red Scarf Library”,etc.


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