A real reflection to Oriental Yuhong’s actions of implementing economic, environmental, and social responsibilities in 2016, this report is the ninth corporate social responsibility report (CSR report) since Oriental Yuhong established CSR report release system in 2009. The following are explanations to the CSR report.

报告主体Scope of the Report


Take Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. as the subject, including its subsidiary companies and branches, business division and production bases and other branch units.

指代说明Abbreviations Used


The word "Oriental Yuhong" or "the company" herein refers to Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd.

时间范围Reporting Period


The reporting period is from January 1 to December 31, 2016. In consideration of continuity and comparison of disclosure, a part of information is extended back or forth on the basis of time.

报告周期Reporting Cycle


This report is published annually.

编写原则Report compilation principles


objectivity, standardization, sincerity, and transparency.

信息来源Sources of Data


Related information and data herein are from Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. and its wholly-owned subsidies or holding companies.

报告改进Report Improvement


Take the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (G4) of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and national series standards on social responsibilities.


In the process of compilation of the report, stakeholders such as partners, employees, NGOs and others were invited to participate, and roles of the reports in stakeholders’ communication and the corporate social responsibility performance monitoring are brought into play. stakeholders.

编写依据Compilation Basis

参照全球报告倡议组织(GRI)《可持续发展报告指南》(G4)、GB/T 36001-2015《社会责任报告编写指南》、GB/T36000-2015《社会责任指南》、GB/T36002-2015《社会责任绩效指标分类体系》编写。

Compiled with reference to the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (G4), Social Responsibility Reporting Guidelines (GB/T 36001-2015), Social Responsibility Guidelines (GB/T 36000-2015), and Social Responsibility Performance Indicator Classification System (GB/T36002-2015) of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).



The report is presented in Chinese and English.

报告获取Access to the report


he report is published only in electronic version. You can visit the company’s website http://www.yuhong.com.cn for an online PDF version, or scan the right side two-dimension code to obtain the electronic edition. (Contact telephone: 010-58102469, Email: sunxj@yuhong.com.cn).






  • 李卫国

The life is full of uncertainties. Our growth is accompanied by bitterness and joy. Thanks to great endeavors, we have seen great development!

A person is like a clock. His/her value is decided by his/her action. The same is the enterprise. The development of an enterprise is usually accompanied by pains and difficulties, and hard efforts. We cannot achieve our goal without conquering hardships. On the way to success, we get more and more companions and we carefully protect the sweet harvest. 

Oriental Yuhong is a rare enterprise. In an unnoticeable industry, we have insisted on making unremitting endeavor for dozens of years. We view our business as a sweet business. Each of our choice is in line with human’s fundamental demand and human’s universal value. We are devoted to meaningful career and we are fulfilling the duties and responsibilities that others would not like to fulfill. We hold the dream of marching into world market and do our best to build an international enterprise. Therefore we achieve the esteem of the industry and are highly recognized by the society and customers. We get honor and dignity, and our employees get a good platform fulfill their values. They feel the benefits and warmth of our enterprise, and thus protect the hard-earned sweet business by heart.

“When heaven is about to place a great responsibility on a great man, it always first frustrates his spirit and will, exhausts his muscles and bones, exposes him to starvation and poverty, harasses him by troubles and setbacks so as to stimulate his spirit, toughen his nature and enhance his abilities.” We have made great efforts to develop this sweet business. Our growth is accompanied by sweat, tear, and even humiliation. We never waver in the fulfillment of our values and operation principles. No pains, no gains. A sweet business can’t be made without any sacrifice. 

Sweetness and bitterness are twins. The sacrifice of sweetness is bitterness, and the result of bitterness is sweetness. “Never a lip is curved with pain that can't be kissed into smiles again”. Pain and pleasure are the secrets of life, also the hope of Oriental Yuhong. 

  • Li Weiguo

关于东方雨虹 About Oriental Yuhong


Oriental Yuhong entered Chinese building waterproofing industry in 1995. In the 20-year development course, Oriental Yuhong has been devoted to providing high-quality and perfect waterproofing system solutions for important infrastructure construction projects, industrial buildings, civil buildings and commercial buildings. Now it has grown into a global waterproofing system provider. Adhering to the guideline “serving the country by developing industry, benefiting the people with good services”, Oriental Yuhong has also invested into many fields such as non-woven fabrics, building energy efficiency, mortar and energy & chemical industry. It owns many brands: Oriental Yuhong (engineering), Yuhong (civil engineering), Woniushan (energy saving and heat reservation), Tiandingfeng (non-woven fabric), Fasion (waterproofing), Vasa (mortar), Luodi (diatom mud), Wuzhou Tuyuan (energy trade), etc.


Oriental Yuhong holds more than 40 subsidiaries including Shanghai Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Engineering Co., Ltd., HK Oriental Yuhong Investment Co., Ltd., and Oriental Yuhong North American Co., Ltd., etc. It has 15 manufacturing, R&D, and logistic bases respectively in Shunyi District in Beijing, Jinshan District in Shanghai, Yueyang City in Hunan Province, Jinzhou City in Liaoning Province, Huizhou City in Guangdong Province, Xuzhou City in Jiangsu Province, Dezhou City in Shandong Province, Kunming City in Yunnan Province, Tangshan City in Hebei Province, Xianyang City in Shaanxi Province, Wuhu City in Anhui Province, Luzhou City in Sichuan Province, Hangzhou City in Zhejiang Province, Qingdao City in Shandong Province, Chuzhou City in Anhui Province. Oriental Yuhong has imported and built up the world-leading multi-functional production lines of modified waterproof membrane, cold self-adhesive asphalt waterproof membrane and poly waterproof membrane, and the world-leading production lines of eco-friendly waterproof coating, mortar, thermal insulation material, and non-woven fabric.


东方雨虹不懈地追求可持续发展,以科技进步、产品优异、服务满意和安全环保推动规模化发展。公司获批建设特种功能防水材料国家重点实验室,拥有国家认定企业技术中心、院士专家工作站、博士后科研工作站等。研发体系日益完备,形成了产品、应用、施工装备和生产工艺四大研发中心。为使科技研发与国际并轨,公司与美国里海大学合作组建乳液聚合实验中心,与美国沥青科技公司合作成立改性沥青研发平台,于Ben Franklin TechVenture建立水性涂料科研实验室。 

Oriental Yuhong pursuits of sustainable development continuously. It promotes the scale development with science and technology advancement, product excellence, service satisfaction, and safety & environmental protection. It has been authorized to build state key lab of special-purpose waterproof material, and has established national-certified corporate R&D center, academician work station, and post-doctoral work station, etc. Its R&D system is more and more improved, and it has built up 4 R&D centers for product, application, construction equipment and production technique. To make the scientific research catch up with the international level. Oriental Yuhong has built up Experiment Center of Emulsion Polymerization together with Lehigh University, USA, and R&D Platform of Modified Asphalt together with Asphalt Technology Co., Ltd. and R&D Laboratory of Water-based Coating in Ben Franklin TechVentures. 


Oriental Yuhong is always making efforts to realize the dream of a “globalized Oriental Yuhong”, making contribution to building a harmonious habitat for people, and fulfilling the corporate vision of “building a durable and safe environment for human being and the society”. With the implementation of Oriental Yuhong’s  international strategy, the products of company are exported to more than 100 countries and regions such as Germany, Brazil, Australia, the United States, Canada, Russia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Central Africa and South Africa.


Oriental Yuhong is responsible for solving all waterproofing problems for human beings. As a professional provider of waterproofing system solutions, Oriental Yuhong has successfully applied various of waterproofing systems to buildings, highways, urban roads and bridges, metros, urban railways, high-speed railways, airports, and water conservancy facilities. Outstanding examples are China’s representative buildings, e.g. China’s Great Hall and 2008 Beijing Olympics including the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube, as well as important national infrastructure construction projects such as Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, and Beijing Metro. Oriental Yuhong has established long-term and stable strategic cooperation relationship with more than 150 large real estate developers such as Vanke, Poly, China Resources, Tenhong Land, Gemdale, Dahua Group, Huawei, and Gold Mantis. To meet end-customers’ rising demand for top-quality waterproof products, Oriental Yuhong has sold its products to ordinary families through nearly 2,000 house decoration companies and building material markets, for instance, Yezhifeng, Shichuang, Kuoda, Yuanzhou, Jinzhao and Boloni.

公司组织构架图 Corporate Chart

发展战略Development Strategy

核心理念:1. 企业观念:真、善、美2. 企业精神:事在人为3. 企业信仰:天地与我们同在;好人有好报4. 雨虹文化:公平、朴实、创造、宽容、奉献    精神文化:坚韧图成、永创新高    人际文化:真诚、平等、和谐、率直5. 企业指导思想:科技创新、产业报国 6. 企业宗旨:为国家、为社会、为客户、为员工、为股东7. 企业使命:为人类为社会创造持久安全的环境8. 企业职责:人类所有的防水问题东方雨虹都有责任解决9. 企业愿景:成为全球防水行业最有价值企业

Core concepts: 1.Corporate concept: honesty, empathy, and beauty2.Corporate spirit: all success hinges on human effort3.Corporate belief: we coexist with the world; good people will be rewarded.4.Oriental Yuhong culture: fairness, simplicity, creation, tolerance, and contribution   Spiritual culture: tenacity for achievement; pursuit for new height   Interpersonal culture: honesty, equality, harmony, and frankness5.Corporate guidance: making scientific and technological innovation; serving the country by industry development6.Corporate tenet: for the motherland, for the society, for customers, for employees, and for shareholders 7.Corporate mission: to create sustainable and safe environment for human society8.Corporate responsibility: Oriental Yuhong is responsible to solve all waterproof problems of humans9.Corporate vision: the most valuable world waterproofing enterprise, a respectable Chinese enterprise.

社会责任管理Social Responsibility Management


Social Responsibility Management Mechanism


To fulfill social responsibility is the inner factor of Oriental Yuhong. Through whole system and multi-dimensional responsibility management concept, and starting from research and development, production, sales, construction and other aspects, Oriental Yuhong strives to provide much better products and services by more environmental friendly, more energy efficient, safer and more effective means, and implants the concept of responsibility into its daily production operation.

社会责任管理体系Social responsibility   management system


Responsibility concept


Clarify social responsibility


Communication and participation of stakeholders


Responsibility practices


Corporate governance           


Scientific development


Human rights


Labor practices           


Resources and environment


Fair operation           




Community participation           


Public welfare           



Oriental Yuhong established a social responsibility work team, whose chief is Oriental Yuhong General Manager and whose members are General Managers of Oriental Yuhong subsidiaries and divisions, directors of different centers and factories. Members work in concert to push forward the social responsibility fulfillment of their units.

(二) 利益相关方沟通参与 

Stakeholders Communication and Participation

利益相关方沟通实例Stakeholders Communication Examples

股东 2016年东方雨虹全年发布公告127次,其中发布定期报告4次,确保投资者的及时监督和公司的透明经营。召开6次股东大会、19次董事会会议、11次监事会会议,保证公司规范运营。多次组织投资者到公司进行访问调研,向投资者介绍公司的生产经营情况和发展战略,并回答分析师关于销售模式、经营业绩、投资增速、研发能力等方面的问题。并接听投资者电话咨询近300次,回答网络咨询298次。

Shareholders In 2016, Oriental Yuhong made a total of 127 public notices throughout the year, of which, 4 were made on a regular basis in order to ensure investors’ timely supervision and transparent operation of the company. The company held 6 shareholders general meetings, 19 meetings of the Board of Directors, 11 meetings of the Board of Supervisors to guarantee standard operation of the company. In addition, the company organized investor’s visit and survey to the company for many times, introducing to them the company's production and operation conditions and development strategy, answering questions of the analysts about sales model, operating performance, investment growth, and research and development ability etc. At the same time, the company also answered nearly 300 telephone calls for Internet counseling from investors, and replied 298 times of Internet counseling.

客户 2016年10月27日,岳阳市石化产业招商推介暨巴陵石化公司客户座谈会顺利开展,来自全国各地的石化类企业负责人一行100余人到岳阳东方雨虹参观考察,岳阳东方雨虹厂长向锋热情接待了众人。 

Customers On Oct. 27, 2016, Business Invitation and Promotion Meeting of Yueyang Petrochemical Industry & Customer Symposium of Baling Petrochemical Company was smoothly convened. More than 100 leaders of petrochemical enterprises from all corners of China visited Yueyang Oriental Yuhong located. Xiang Feng, Director of Yueyang Oriental Yuhong warmly received them.

Xiang Feng instructed the visitor group to visit the water-based coat workshop and the high polymer membrane workshop in the Yueyang production base. He gave detailed introduction to the development history, enterprise scale, market share, main products, product performances, capacity, production value, and taxes of Oriental Yuhong. Thanks to this visit, visitors fully understand the production concept and field management measures of Oriental Yuhong, and clearly see the strict quality control of Oriental Yuhong. They stated they would try to get opportunity to cooperate with Oriental Yuhong.

员工 2016年11月1日,东方雨虹开展了课程改革后的第一期员工培训。此次新员工培训,由原本的5.5天增加到13天,课程内容丰富多彩,理论培训、军训拓展、工厂实践、实操演练等,帮助新员工们更好地融入集体。同时,东方雨虹高层对新员工的加入表示了热烈欢迎,并殷切期盼,新员工能在雨虹大家庭中健康、愉悦工作,实现人生理想。

Employees On November 1, 2016, Oriental Yuhong carried out the first employee training after the training course reformation. The length of this employee training rose from 5.5 days to 13 days. The course content was colorful. It included theoretical training, military training, practices in plant, and field practices, etc., which helped new employees integrate into the collective. In the training, the senior management of Oriental Yuhong expressed warmly welcome to the joining of new employees. They sincerely hoped new employees could live healthily and work merrily in the Oriental Yuhong family to achieve their dreams. 

社会 2016年11月,东方雨虹开展无偿献血周活动,由北京总部发起,广东东方雨虹、岳阳东方雨虹、深圳东方雨虹、江苏卧牛山、四川东方雨虹、唐山东方雨虹、徐州卧牛山、上海东方雨虹、东方雨虹咸阳生产基地等各地分支机构纷纷响应。帮助他人,挽救生命,从2010年开始,无偿献血成为东方雨虹人持续进行的年度公益行为。

Society In November 2016, Oriental Yuhong carried out “Voluntary Blood Donation Week”. Headed by Beijing Headquarters, the activity was participated in by Guangdong Oriental Yuhong, Yueyang Oriental Yuhong, Shenzhen Oriental Yuhong, Jiangsu Woniushan, Sichuan Oriental Yuhong, Tangshan Oriental Yihong, Xuzhou Woniushan, Shanghai Oriental Yuhong, and Xianyang Oriental Yuhong production base, etc. Ever since 2010, voluntary blood donation has become a yearly public welfare action of Oriental Yuhong.

供应商 12月23日,2016年度东方雨虹供应商大会在唐山国丰维景国际酒店金色大厅召开。东方雨虹执行董事长向锦明、生产运营中心总监陈永初、生产运营中心副总监马到原、建设开发及工艺装备中心总监吴士慧、总裁办公室副主任石浩 、产品质量监督中心副主任杨红艳、采购中心副总监杨晓菲出席会议。塞拉尼斯、巴斯夫、瓦克化学、天津大沽等90家优秀企业参加会议。

Supplier On December 23, 2016, Oriental Yuhong Supplier Conference was held in Golden Hall of Tangshan Guofeng Weijing International Hotel. Xiang Jinming, Executive Chairman of Oriental Yuhong, Chen Yongchu, Director of Production Operation Center, Ma Daoyuan, Vice Director of Production Operation Center, Wu Shihui, Director of Construction Development and Technical Equipment Center, Shi Hao, Vice Director of President Office, Yang Hongyan, Vice Director of Product Quality Monitoring Center, Yang Xiaofei, Vice Director of Procurement Center were present in the meeting. 90 excellent enterprises including Celanese, BASF, Wacker Chemie AG, and Tianjin Dagu Chemical Co., Ltd. attended the meeting.

社区 2016年1月14日,东方雨虹联合长沙经贸频道举办“服务百姓 拒绝渗漏”公益活动社区行,为低保户、空巢老人、对国家有特殊贡献的退伍军人、市级以上劳动模范等四类人群提供免费的房屋渗漏维修服务,践行“为人类为社会创造持久安全的环境”的企业使命。

Society On January 14, 2016, Oriental Yuhong and Changsha Economic & Trade Channel carried out public welfare activity “Serve the Citizens, Refuse Leakage” bringing free house leakage maintenance service for low-income families, empty nesters, and veterans who have made special contribution to the nation, municipal and higher-level labor models, in order to fulfill the corporate vision “create a permanently safe environment for the human being and the society”.

   行业 近几年,东方雨虹参与或主持了《环保型建材及装饰材料技术要求》、《单层防水卷材屋面工程技术规程》、《脂肪族聚氨酯耐候弹性涂料》、《喷涂聚脲用底涂和腻子》、《聚甲基丙烯酸甲酯(PMMA)防水涂料》、《硅烷/硅氧烷建筑防护剂活性成分含量及有害物质测定方法》、《防水卷材用沥青原料技术要求》、《防水卷材企业质量管理规程》、《混凝土砂浆粘结防水卷材 第1部分 预铺防水卷材》、《混凝土砂浆粘结防水卷材 第2部分 湿铺防水卷材》、《屋面防水卷材用机械固定件》等数十个国家标准或行业标准的修订,促进防水行业质量提升。

Industry In the recent years, Oriental Yuhong participated or presided over the revision of more than ten national or industrial standards, such as Environmental Friendly Building Materials and Decoration Materials Technical Requirements, Single Layer Waterproof Coiled Material Roofing Engineering Technical Specification, Aliphatic Polyurethane Weather Resistance Elastic Coatings, Priming Coat and Putty for Spray Polyurea Use, Poly Methyl Methacrylate (PMMA) Waterproof Paint, Silane/Siloxane Building Protective Agent Active Ingredient Content and Harmful Substances Determination Method, Asphalt Raw Materials for Use of Waterproofing Materials Technical Requirements, Waterproofing Coiled Materials Enterprise Quality Management Procedure, Concrete Mortar Bonding Waterproof Coiled Materials Part I Pre-paving Waterproof Coiled Materials, Concrete Mortar Bonding Waterproof Coiled Materials Part II Wet-paving Waterproof Coiled Materials, and Mechanical Parts for Use of Roofing Waterproof Coiled Materials etc. and promoted the waterproof industry quality improvement.

社团 1月19日,中国建筑防水协会暨东方雨虹2016年新春专家团拜会在东方雨虹举行。协会新任会长李卫国先生、秘书长及专家委员会主任朱冬青先生、驻会副会长苗燕女士、顾问专家委员会主任委员李承刚先生、东方雨虹执行董事长向锦明先生、副董事长许利民先生、防水集团副总裁王文萍女士以及五十余位防水行业专家出席团拜会,欢聚一堂,共庆新春。

Society On January 19, China National Building Waterproof Association & Oriental Yuhong 2016 Spring Festival Expert Party was held in Oriental Yuhong. Mr. Li Weiguo, New Director of the Association, Mr. Zhu Dongqing, General Secretary and Director of Expert Committee, Miss Miao Yan, Vice Director of the Association, Mr. Li Chenggang, Chairman of the Advisory Board, Mr. Xiang Jinming, Executive Chairman of Oriental Yuhong, Mr. Xu Limin, Vice Chairman of Oriental Yuhong, Miss Wang Wenping, Vice President of Waterproofing Group, and more than 50 other experts in the waterproofing industry attended the party to celebrate Lunar New Year.

公司治理Corporate Governance

(一) 管理机制
Management Mechanism



On the basis of strict compliance with the original system regulations, Oriental Yuhong further improves its corporate governance structure, complies with the social ethics, business ethics, constantly perfects the system of board of directors and board of supervisors, and improves the company's scientific management level.


Oriental Yuhong establishes general shareholders meeting, board of directors, board of supervisors, independent directors, and secretary of the board of directors system, with clear functions and powers, operation in coordination for effective checks and balances, and the board of directors consists of four special committees, namely, strategy committee, audit committee, compensation and evaluation committee, and nomination committee. Shareholders of the company exercise their powers in accordance with the company's articles of association, Rules of Procedure of the General Shareholders' Meeting based on the Company Law, Security Law and other laws and regulations.

(二) 商业道德
Business Ethics


In 2016, Oriental Yuhong won credit from Bank of Beijing, China Construction Bank, Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, China Merchants Bank, Ping An Bank, China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd., the Bank of East Asia, China Guangfa Bank, China CITIC Bank, Postal Savings Bank, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank, China Industrial Bank, Bank of Communications, Agricultural Bank of China, and Bank of Jiangsu. The total credit added up to RMB 7.623 billion. The company won Rank 5 rating of China Construction Bank. Oriental Yuhong and its holding companies operate sincerely and are not in arrears with the banks’ interests and principals, therefore they have good credit. In 2016 Oriental Yuhong totally turned in RMB 630,825,300 tax.

2016年1月22日,以“新风口 新突破”为主题的2015-2016(第十三届)中国地产年度风云榜在北京人民大会堂隆重举行。会上,东方雨虹凭借在生产、研发、管理、售后体系建设方面的绝对实力,荣获“2015-2016中国房地产防水系统首选实力品牌”。

On January 22, 2016, 2015-2016 (the 13th) Annual List of China Real Estate Industry with “New Opportunity, New Breakthrough” as the theme was held in the Great Hall of the People, Beijing. On the meeting, Oriental Yuhong won the honor “2015-2016 China Optimal Brand in Chinese Real Estate Waterproofing Industry” by virtue of its supreme strength in production, R&D, management, and after-sales system. 


On March 22, 2016, China Real Estate Association and China Real Estate Assessment Center jointly carried out “2016 Assessment Results Release Meeting of Top 500 China Real Estate Developers” in Beijing. Oriental Yuhong ranked top with a rate of customer preferred brand as high as 30%. It ranked top on the list of Real Estate Developers’ Top 500 Preferred Waterproofing Brands. This is the fifth time for Oriental Yuhont to rank top on the list. 


On May 26, 2016, China Real Estate Association and China Real Estate Assessment Center jointly held “2016 Assessment Results Release Meeting of China Listed Real Estate Developers & Listed Enterprises Summit Forum” in HK. The assessment result such as “2016 Assessment Report of China Listed Real Estate Developers” was issued on this meeting. Oriental Yuhong won the honor “2016 Top 5 Listed Companies of Chinese Real Estate Supply Chain”.


On June 21, 2016, the 13th (2016) China Blue Chip Real Estate Annual Conference was convened in Beijing. Three awards – the 13th (2016) China Blue Chip Real Estate Enterprises, Excellence Enterprises, and Most Trustworthy Partners – were awarded. Oriental Yuhong won the honor “Most Trustworthy Partner” with high-quality products and standard construction service system. It was the only one that won the honor in waterproofing industry. 


On October 14, 2016, School of Business of Renmin University of China, Manager Magazine, Allicance for Sino-German Intelligent Manufacturing, Simon-Kucher & Partners, jointly held 2016 Sino-German Manufacturing Industry Summit in Run Run Shaw Conference Center, Renmin University of China, Beijing. German and Chinese political and business leaders gathered here to discuss the development and re-emerging way of manufacturing industry in the economic reformation. The meeting announced 2016 China Hidden Champion List. Oriental was included in the list as an excellent enterprise.

(三) 严控质量
Strict Quality Control


Set up quality management system, and consolidate its view of quality. Oriental Yuhong has established a series of rules and regulations, such as Manual on Quality Management, Quality Complaints Handling Mechanism, Quality Responsibility investigation System, Product Quality Problem Recall System etc., and promoted quality cultural construction. At present, the company has passed a number of quality system certifications, including ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification; Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Materials Testing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Oriental Yuhong, has been approved by CNAS China Conformity Assessment Committee and adopted the CMA Measurement System Certification, endowed therefore with the ability of issue of testing report with legal effects. Products of the company have adopted the Ten-ring Certification, Railway Product Certification, 3C Certification, CE European Union Certification, FM Certification of the United States, Russian GOST-R Certificate and other product certifications; at the same time, products of the company also accept at least once a month internal preliminary review and external examination to ensure its quality.


The company establishes a research and development, production, and testing "separation of the three powers" quality management system, where the three aspects of research and development, production, and testing cooperate, support and supervise each other, to ensure that the whole quality management system has self-repair and self-correction functions to prevent significant fluctuation of quality of the product.

(四) 国际化经营
International Business Operation



In 2016, Oriental Yuhong continuously regarded the overseas market as a crucial cog in the international strategic map, in order to build itself into a world top-class waterproofing enterprise. Approved by Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Oriental Yuhong got the certification of contracting foreign projects in compliance with its strength, scale, and performance. The in-depth promotion of “Major Region System” facilitated the company to divide its overseas market into a number of major regions under designated personal management, which helped the company not only carry out its global operation layout, but also manage effectively its market segmentation. At the same time, the company also assigned professional technical personnel required in overseas engineering project to provide guidance for overseas project construction, but also trained professional technical personnel with promoting local employment, thus sowing the seed of standardization construction of Oriental Yuhong overseas.


By the end of 2016, Oriental Yuhong had sold products to more than 100 countries and regions in the Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa. The company is continuously supplying top-quality waterproof products & services to global customers.

(五) 持续的盈利能力
Continuous profit making capability


Oriental Yuhong saw good harvest in 2016. Through all-out efforts of the whole staff, marketing strengthening, management efficiency improvement and market development, Oriental Yuhong submitted satisfactory returns to its shareholders and the society.


In 2016, the company realized gross RMB 7.0002328 billion, up 31.98% on a year-on-year growth; operating profits RMB 1.0965542 billion, up 50.61% on a year-on-year growth, total profits RMB 1.1568513 billion, up 38.18% on a year-on-year growth against last year.


2016 is the key year for pushing forward the supply-side structural reform. Domestic economy is centered on the general keynote of stable but progressive work. Insisting on innovation-driven development, the acceleration of the change in economic development mode, and the adjustment of economic structure, the Chinese economy is controlled within a reasonable range and shows a stable but upward development trend.


Oriental Yuhong issued Basic Law of Oriental Yuhong, which basically nailed down corporate culture system, value system, and normative system. At the same time, with “waterproof service provider” as the core, by virtue of continuous brand reinforcement, product R&D, innovation in application technology, multi-layer marketing network, and the layout of plants all over China, Oriental Yuhong laid solid foundation for developing itself from an industry pioneer to the leader of Chinese waterproofing leader. 


In 2016, the pressure of domestic economic downturn was slightly relieved. The building industry and real estate industry restored growth, and infrastructural construction saw stable growth in the whole year. As an upstream section of the building industry, waterproof industry generally showed a rising trend. Its production, sales revenue, and profit growth were basically in line with the development of relevant industries.

合作共赢Win-win Cooperation


In line with the concept of equality and win-win cooperation, Oriental Yuhong carried out high-end cooperation with partners, maintained stable and efficient supply chain, continually promoted the concept of corporate social responsibility to supplier partners, actively expanded the development space of the company, its partners and the industry to jointly cope with challenges of the various types of environments and society. With brand responsibility as its philosophy, Oriental Yuhong provided customers with the whole-process, multidimensional, and deep communication quality services.

( 一) 供应链责任管理
Supply Chain Responsibility Management


Oriental Yuhong’s major raw material suppliers are excellent domestic and foreign enterprises such as CNPC, Sinopec, Celanese, BASF, Wacker, Basel. After years of cooperation, the company went into close strategic relationship with the above-mentioned companies, and it is the largest client of those enterprises.


Centralized purchasing is a major purchasing mode of Oriental Yuhong. With globalization, informatization, transparent purchase, honesty, environmental protection, and law observation as management concepts, Oriental Yuhong made win-win development with its upstream partners. The company takes incoming inspection process, procurement management process, warehouse management process, production management process, appearance inspection process, quality management process, and technology management process as the main standards of site certification of the supplier to ensure supply product quality.


The company also introduced "fly check" (surprise check) to control product quality from the technical research and development, process control, and warehousing logistics points of view, and adopted long-term supplier access authentication system to carry on exchange and discussion in the technical aspects while ensuring product quality.


  Moreover, Oriental Yuhong adopted a vigorous support attitude towards the distributors, relying on its bright brand positioning, prospective sales strategy, the company assisted engineering channel dealers to solve financing and corporative operation problems, and provided complete technological support based on the principle of mutual trust, mutual benefits, equality and win-win prospect with the dealers.


  In view of the demand by a wide range of end-consumers for high-quality waterproof products, Oriental Yuhong makes itself accessible to the ordinary homes through thousands of stores of nearly 2000 large-scale domestic outfit companies and building materials markets, such as Yenova Decoration, Shichuang, Kuoda, Easyhome, B&Q, Gold Mantis home decoration e Station etc.

( 二) 持续的盈利能力
Continuous profit making capability




1. Meet customer needs wholeheartedly, and realize overall coverage of marketing network

In 2016, based on its brand operation concept and in view of different market segmentation, Oriental Yuhong met its customer requirements with pertinence. Oriental Yufong established a 3D marketing network with various subsidiaries such as in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Nanjing, Sichuan, and Kunming as supporting platforms, and integrating engineering channel, retail channel, important business, VIP business, local business, overseas business, and engineering construction business, so as to provide most careful service for customers.

In addition to its original production bases in Beijing, Shanghai, Yueyang, Jinzhou, Huizhou, Xuzhou, and Dezhou etc., in 2016, the following production bases in Kunming, Tangshan, Xianyang and others have already been put into operation, for full improvement and layout of its logistics network, so as to provide customers with quick goods delivery and completion of tasks.



2. Provide Quality Professional Services, Create Customer Public Praise

The company has equipped itself with nearly one hundred technical service personnel and provides effective construction solutions according to customer needs. Details of quality professional services provided by Oriental Yuhong to customers in 2016 are listed as follows:


In 2016, Oriental Yuhong established long-term friendly and stable strategic cooperative relations with more than 150 real estate developers and enterprise groups, including Vanke Real Estate, Poly Real Estate, Beijing Capital Land, Xuhui Group etc. The following are some of the awards won by Oriental Yuhong in 2016 due to its quality professional services:

( 三) 消费者权益保护
Consumer Rights Protection


Chinese building waterproofing market is rather complex and there are many fake and poor-quality products. To protect customers’ rights and interests, Oriental Yuhong provided customers with two product authenticity inquiry ways: telephone inquiry and online inquiry. It also set up “Brand Rights Protection Department” and announced tip-off telephone. After getting tip-off information, Oriental Yuhong will make analysis and arrange special persons to make investigation and collect evidences. Then it will help law enforcement agency to crack down on fake products, so as to protect customers’ lawful rights and interests.

( 四)让防水行业在阳光下运行
Let Waterproof Industry Operate Under the Sun


As president of the board of China Building Waterproof Association, Oriental Yuhong contributed much to the development of the industry and promoted the standardization of the industry. The company is determined not to produce non-standard products, not even one square meter, plunges itself into the market with strong self-discipline, and uses practical actions to create a healthy, justice, and fair competition environment, let waterproof industry operate under the sun.

科技创新Scientific and Technological Innovation


In accordance with company conditions and industry conditions, Oriental Yuhong took “making scientific and technological innovation; serving the country by industry development” as corporate guidance. It built up an improved scientific & technological innovation system, and carried out the concept of independent innovation concept in construction and engineering practices. On the foundation of domestic and overseas advanced innovation results, it led the industry development tendency, pushed forward industry development and improved its own and the industry’s sustainable development capability.

创新机制引领发展Innovation Mechanism Leads Development


Based on its product technology strategy, the company has set up a Technology Center that integrates product research and development, technological equipment, applied technology, and engineering technology, formed a “Carrier Battle Group” that covers system research and development of “waterproof system design, materials research and development, construction and technological service”, and subsequently undertaken a number of national projects, such as the State “863 Program”, State Key New Product, and the National Torch Plan etc. In 2007, Oriental Yuhong and the Center of Advanced Elastomer Materials of Beijing University of Chemical Technology jointly set up “Polymer Waterproof Material R&D Center of Beijing University of Chemical Technology”. In the same year, it established construction equipment R&D center. In 2009, Oriental Yuhong R&D Center became the only “National Certified Corporate Technology Center” in the industry. In 2010, it was qualified to set up “Post-doctoral Research Center”. In 2011, it was qualified to set up “Beijing Key Lab of Waterproof Materials”. In the same year, Oriental Yuhong established manufacturing technique R&D center and applied technology R&D center. In 2012, it was qualified to set up “Beijing Engineering Lab of Advanced Rubber & Plastic Waterproof Materials”. In 2014, the company was approved to set up its “Academician and Expert Workstation”. In 2015, with approval of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the company established its “Special Function Waterproof Materials National Key Laboratory”. In 2016, the lab construction and operation plan (2016-2020) passed the examination of the expert team of Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Committee.


In terms of staffing, Oriental Yuhong hired international top chemical experts as its chief scientist for cooperation and planning of the whole scientific and technological development of the company. As of 2016, among the new and high-tech talent team of the company for product research and development, applied technology, and technological equipment, 349 are core R&D and application management personnel, with Doctor and Master degree employees as the principal, of which, 17 have Doctorate degree, and 137 Master’s degree, 2 of them are experts entitled to the State Council Allowance, 6 senior engineers/research associates, 3 are science and technology new stars, 2 belongs to the New Century National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project of Beijing, 1 is Outstanding Young Talent of Beijing, 1 Outstanding Youth Talent of Shunyi District, and 25 are various kinds of technology leaders.


With respect to mechanism of guarantee, Oriental Yuhong has formulated a series of talent incentive systems, including Measures of Oriental Yuhong Innovation Project Management, Methods of Incentives for Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Achievements, and Methods of Incentives for Rationalization Proposal etc., organized evaluation for science and technology progress awards and evaluation of technical title of technical personnel, and also awards to patents declared and research papers published. Encouraged technical personnel to participate in external talent training programs, such as “Science and Technology New Star”, “Leading Talents”, “Labor Model”, and “Strategic Talent Reserve” etc.; The company conducted monthly innovation project summary, and arranged a quarterly communication and exchange with external research and development institutions. Each year, Oriental Yuhong held production and construction workers competition, encouraging workers to become talent on their respective posts.


The company has founded cross-functional team, set up employee opinion box, adopted reasonable suggestions, and encouraged employees for innovation. At the same time, advocated multidimensional and multidisciplinary innovation without limits.

创新平台汇聚力量Innovation Platform Gathering Strength


Oriental Yuhong built up internal and external R&D platforms, strengthened cooperation with enterprises and colleges, and carried out multi-layer cooperation of production, academy, and research.


Adhering to the concept of “Technology First, Innovation Foremost”, over the past many years, the company has established cooperative relations with a large batch of scientific research institutions and world famous chemical engineering enterprises, such as Lehigh University of the United States, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Dow Chemical Company, BASF etc. The company has established “Emulsion Polymerization Experiment Center” with Lehigh University of the United States, and has achieved 16 technological results through joint research and development with Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, such as high weather-proof pure polyurea elastic coasting, spray type high concentration self-hardening rubber asphalt paint etc.; and has also jointly developed and used talents with a number of higher learning institutions, such as Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Tianjin University, and Hubei University of Technology etc., by means of scholarship, and promoted sound cooperative relations with higher learning institutions.


In connection with its strategic development, product quality and construction and service requirements, the company has established sound cooperative relations with institutions such as the Waterproof Association, Securities Regulatory Commission, Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, Economic and Information Commission, Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, as well as China Building Materials Industry Association (CBMIA) etc., continually identified corresponding laws and statutes and various rules and regulations, so as to meet the requirements of various parties, and bring the company with resource advantages for its sustainable development.

加大科研投入提升占比Enhance Investment in Science and Technology, and Increase Percentage






Operating   revenue (RMB 10,000)           





Scientific   research expenses (RMB 10,000)           





Ratio   of investment into scientific research           





R&D investment is said to be the shortcoming of Chinese manufacturing industry. The lack of R&D investment caused low profit and overcapacity. This phenomenon is especially highlighted in Chinese building waterproofing industry. The whole industry seriously lacks investment. However, Oriental Yuhong viewed science and technology innovation as motivity of corporate development. It invested over RMB 60 million to build corporate technology center when it was just established, and then invested RMB 25 million to buy more than 700 most advanced international test instruments and devices. Its investment into innovation and technology service is more than 4% of its annual operating revenue every year on average in recent three years, and the sum of investment is same to annual operating revenue of a waterproof enterprise above designated size.

为强化检测能力,公司先后投资1500万元购置热磁力搅拌器、PosiTest 液压式拉拔实验仪、罗斯双行星分散机、一体式电位滴定仪、空气压缩机等814台国内外先进的检测仪器设备。通过连年持续投入,公司已建成行业内检测水平高、检测手段完善、检测设备齐全的检测机构。

To improve test capability, the company has bought 814 domestic and foreign advanced test devices with RMB 15 million investment, for instance, thermal magnetic stirrer, PosiTest hydraulic pullout test equipment, Ross double planetary mixers, all-in-one potentiometric titrimeter, air compressor, etc. Through continuous investment for many years, the company has built up a test center proud of the highest test level, the most improved test methods, and the most complete lineup of test equipment.

创新成果彰显实力Innovative Results Demonstrate Strength


Important innovation projects: Oriental Yuhong corporate technology center completed 4 National Torch Plan projects, 2 national key new product technologies, 1 national 863 plan project, and 44 independently innovative products. 4 other technologies met advanced international level.


Patent: as of December 31, 2016, the company has applied a total of 679 patents (448 inventions, 191 utility models, 40 appearance designs), already authorized 247 patents (103 inventions, 129 utility models, and 15 appearance designs), in addition, Oriental Yuhong made application for 4 PCT International, another 167 pieces of patents have entered the stage of substantive examination, and 207 verified of trademark registration.


Books and Papers: in 2016, published a total of 23 theses, among which 17 in the domestic core journals, 6 in other domestic journals and publications.


Industry standard: in recent years, entrusted by industry associations, Oriental Yuhong presided over or participated in the compilation of 18 national industry standards.

创新应用实例Innovation Application Examples


Application Technology Research and Promotion 


Oriental Yuhong Applied Technology Center was established in Jinzhan Township, Chaoyang District, Beijing City in September 2011. Occupying an area of 3,800 square meters, the center is made up of:

沥青卷材研究室Asphalt Roll Research Office

装配式屋面系统研究室Prefabricated Roofing System Research Office

预铺反粘系统研究室Pre-paving Anti-adhesive System Research Office

路桥研究室Road Bridge Research Office

涂料研究室Coatings Research Office

灌浆系统研究室Grouting System Research Office

应用性能验证实验室Application Performance Verification Research Office

系统配件工具研究室System Accessories Tools Research Office

技术咨询服务部Technical Advisory Service Department

技工小组Technician Group


In view of the performance of different products, the company conducted pertinent technological innovation. The following are the main experimental topic projects that are currently developing and have completed in 2016 in the aspects of main products and construction systems by the company:


Innovative Marketing System


Oriental Yuhong digital marketing platform Hongtu APP is a mobile platform with business values and influence. Breaking the traditional office mode, it integrates SAP, OA, TMS, customers’ websites, engineering channel, and mobile apps such as Yuhong Cloud Drive, mobile OA and DMS. The necessary data can be checked on the same platform. Online data and offline data are integrated to improve internal communication and office efficiency, which brought a series of reformation to corporate operation and management and helped Oriental Yuhong into a new state.


Hongtu APP can help employees search and operate related functions, access important information at any time, such as issues to be handled, important notices, personnel information, contract details, sales order implementation process, logistic details, receipt details, and construction photos. It achieves the functions of task, log, sign in, subscription ID, work circle, message center, and instant massaging. The APP simplifies the operation process, assists daily work, builds internal information sharing platform, and achieves the management of project, budget, materials, labor, quality, documents, and process. BI report can be checked at any time on mobile terminal; real-time data synchronization, and customer experience optimization are realized. It plays the role of intelligence support of corporate management improvement.


Innovative Management Mode

东方雨虹接受一切勇于打破常规的新方法、新模式,励志于为客户提供最优质的产品和服务。切实履行“生产过程自动化,商务运营电子化,管理方式网络化,决策支持智能化” 的二十八字两化融合方针,根据实际情况不断尝试信息化的深度应用,用信息化的手段指导生产,不仅为科技创新和管理提供新思路,还在提高产品研发、节能安全等方面提供了强有力的保障,同时也促进了工业经济转型升级的步伐。

Oriental Yuhong accepts all kinds of new methods and new patterns that dare to break the routines, committed to providing customers with the best quality products and services. Oriental Yuhong has earnestly implemented the principle that integrates “production process automation, commerce operation electronization, networked mode of management, and intelligent decision-making”, continually attempted informationalized in-depth application based on actual situation, and directed production through informatization means, which has provided not only new thoughts to science and technology innovation and management, but also powerful guarantee in improving products research and development and energy-saving and security etc., at the same time promoted the pace of industrial economic transformation and upgrading.

安全责任Safety responsibility

秉持“为人类为社会创造持久安全的环境”的使命, 东方雨虹树立全员参与的安全管理思想,健全安全管理体系,建立安全制度,组织开展安全教育和培训,提高安全意识和危机处理技能,形成浓厚的安全文化氛围,确保公司稳定生产和正常运营。


Committed to the mission of creating a sustainable and safe environment for human society,Oriental Yuhong advocated whole-staff safety management concept, established safety system,carried out safety education and training, improved risk management techniques, created good safety culture circumstance, and ensured steady production and normal operation.

安全管理体系Safety management system


In accordance with national safety monitoring & management laws and regulations, Oriental Yuhong strengthened safety system construction, and revised and improved some safety management systems in 2016, including Safe Production Responsibility System, Safety Education Management System, Safety Inspection Management System, Safe Production Reward & Punishment System, and Dangerous Chemical Safety Management System, etc. It also elaborated the safety responsibility.

安全生产Safe production

落实安全生产责任制,建立各部门、各级人员的“横向到边,纵向到底”的安全生产责任体系,层层落实安全生产责任,形成了全员责任、全员参与的安全管理体制。全面实行安全生产标准化及 HES 安全管理体系。

Oriental Yuhong carried out safe production responsibility system, which covered the whole network of construction and staff, to ensure the fulfillment of safe production responsibility. It also completely carried out safe production standardization and HES safe production system.


To ensure the fulfillment of safety management system, the company set up special safety management department in different factories and arranged professional safety management persons.


Oriental Yuhong established a consolidated safety management team, with safety management directors of different factories as team members and production & operation director as leader. The team is responsible for safety management of different factories. Long-term coordination mechanism was set up and safety information and resources was shared. Members worked together to ensure the accomplishment of safe production objective of the whole production & operation system.


Production   Base

       Relevant System, Procedures, and   Standard Quantity on Safety Production

(Unit:   Item)



















产品安全Product safety

1. 东方雨虹本着精益求精的态度,已通过质量管理体系、环境管理体系、职业健康安全管理体系、测量管理体系、CE、CTC、CRCC、中国环境标志产品认证等认证,加强管理体系实际运作并持续改进,产品达到国家法律法规和国际规则规定的安全标准,消除产品可能对消费者和社会产生的安全隐患。


3. 产品的包装符合安全标准,密闭无溢漏隐患,产品上张贴安全技术说明书,关于产品如何安全使用、安全注意事项、应急处理措施等向消费者明确告知。

4. 法律定义的危险品,其生产、储存、运输、销售、使用,按法律规定的安全防范措施执行,以保证企业、员工、公众、社会设施的安全。

5. 通过看板拉动系统,管理产品质量安全,使用条形码进行出入库管理,全程实现产品质量追溯,产品抽查检测合格率100%。

1. Oriental Yuhong has passed the authentication for quality management system, environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system, measurement management system, CE, CTC, CRCC, Chinese environmental labeling, etc. It strengthened and improved the operation of management system. Its products meet safety standards stipulated by domestic and international rules and regulations, and hidden safety risks for customers and society are eliminated.

2.Liquid asphalt and emulsion are stored in sealed tanks and transported with sealed pipe, thus ensuring air insulation. In the product preparation process, safety protection measures shall be fulfilled to avoid hidden risks that the product may bring to workers in the workshop.

3. Product packages meet safety standard and have no leakage risk. Safety technology instructions are posted on products to inform customers of safe application procedures, safety precautions, and emergency treatment measures.

4. The production, storage, transportation, use, and application of dangerous products shall be carried out in accordance with legal safety precautionmeasures, to ensure the safety of enterprise, employees, the public, and social facilities,

5. Product quality safety is taken care of by pulling system. Bar code is applied for the management of output and input of warehouse. Productquality tracing is made in the whole process, and the pass rate of random product quality check is 100%.

社会安全Social safety


As important social organism, enterprises should carry out normal enterprise operation in economic and social activities while focusing on social security. The following are relevant measures implemented by Oriental Yuhong to ensure social security:


1. In 2016, the company formulated and officially issued its Oriental Yuhong Basic Law, and strictly promoted and carried out throughout the company from top management to bottom work staff, defining clearly that the company shall abide by the business standards and code of ethics, obey all the laws and regulations, and respect social customs and religion;

2. All employees shall sign self-discipline and safety agreement to clarify their responsibility for the safety construction of society and community and to prevent them from risky actions for public safety;

3. Oriental Yuhong strengthened public safety education for employees. It banned employees from illegal entertainment and assembly. Traffic rules must be followed to prevent bad influences to the public;

4. Oriental Yuhong increased investment to protect factory environment, and intensified crackdown on pollutants, to strictly control pollutant emission and reduce environmental influence on adjacent community;

5. As a social citizen, Oriental Yuhong continuously strengthened social safety measures. It carried out fire drills, and issued emergency manual to employees, to publicize emergency knowledge and build a good firefighting circumstance;

6. The company organized anti-terrorism security knowledge seminars and traffic safety knowledge lectures to improve all staff anti-terrorism and traffic safety consciousness.


To leave a green environment to our descendents, Oriental Yuhong tried its best to reduce environmental influence caused by its operation, production, and construction. With energysaving and emission-cutting concept, technology and management system, the company continuously increased energy utility rate and efficiency, made circular use of resources, and built itself into an economical and eco-friendly enterprise.

  • 环境管理Environmental management








In 2016, Oriental Yuhong continued to push forward standardization and systematization of environmental management with “green production, low-carbon, environmental protection, and standardization” as direction.

In addition, the company is also exploring the relevant contents on “Green production, low-carbon environmental protection” evaluation indexes to further quantify environmental management performance for concrete evaluation of the environmental impact.

Huizhou Plant re-edited environmental risk evaluation plan and updated emergency plan for sudden environmental accidents. 

  •  Xuzhou Xinyi Production Base smoothly passed the examination on clean production carried out by Xinyi Environmental Protection Bureau.    

  •  Shanghai Production Based invested RMB 400,000 to increase environmental treatment equipment for the liquid material production line of coat workshop and sewage treatment station.     

  •  Jinzhou Production Base invested RMB 500,000 to change asphalt smoke treatment equipment of 3# roll production line, in order to improve the operation environment of workshop.    

  •  The asphalt workshop of Yueyang production base changed the one-time circulation system of heat conduction oil to two-time circulation between the tank area and the preparation room, which increased the energy utilization rate of heat conduction oil and reduced annual usage of natural gas.   



 Main Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Indicators of Various Production Bases of Oriental Yuhong in Operation  






















Production   Value Per Unit Consumption (tce/RMB 10,000)        











Chemical   Oxygen Demand (COD) Emission (Ton)        










绿色生产Green product

( 一 ) 节能降耗   

 东方雨虹各大生产基地推行 5S 管理,通过对生产现场的整理、整顿,使生产环境整洁有序、生产过程安全高效。同时,公司还强化三体系等管理,做到管理规范化、科学化,提高体系运作效率。  


 Oriental Yuhong carried out 5S management and lean production continuously in different production bases. Through rectification, production sites became clean and orderly, and production processes became safe and highly efficient. At the same time, the company strengthened system management, to ensure it standard, scientific and highly efficient.  














   (1) Energy saving and emission cutting  

1.According to the temperature requirement in the production techniques, the heating procedure using heat conduction oil was technically transformed in the asphalt roll workshop. The heating zone is divided to high temperature zone and low temperature zone. Two-time micro-circulation design was adopted in the transformation, therefore the asphalt temperature declines by 60% in the storage and transformation procedures, and the natural gas is saved by 26.7%;

2.In accordance with National Development and Reform Commission under the State Council, high energy-consuming motors were replaced by YE2 energy-saving motors. 41 motors were changed, and the total investment reached RMB 60,000. The new plant will use energy-saving motors, too;

3.Compressed air pipe was transformed, thus achieving air supply with connected grid. Frequency conversion control was increased. When ensuring the pressure, the measure also reduced the power consumption of air compressor by 24%; 

4.Additive double dropping transformation was made. Thus the technical process was improved, the dropping speed was increased, the evenness was improved, and the production efficiency was obviously enhanced;

5.The energy-saving and cost-reducing transformation project was carried out for high polymer production line. Through reducing the decomposition temperature of materials, increasing screw speed, transforming roll hanging stand, relieving the internal stress of material, improving thermal stability of products, and reducing after-shrinkage, the roll length control precision was reduced from ±10cm to ±1cm, normal consumption and power energy consumption were reduced, and the production capacity was increased;

6.For the 1.2m high polymer production line, the online edge trimming system was adjusted to behind the gluing and coating procedure, thus transforming the situation that the surface of offcut is coated with adhesive or mastic and can’t be recovered. Every day RMB 2,000 production cost can be saved thanks to this transformation;

7.Weighting device and weight data recording device were increased to the roller post of asphalt roll workshop, in order to record the weight of each roll produced by each shift, precisely measure the output, adjust the technical parameters of the equipment in time, achieve accurate control, improve product quality, and reduce the consumption of raw materials;

8.The boiler was added with smart energy-saving constant-pressure control system. On the premise of meeting the temperature requirement for heat conduction oil in the production technique, power and natural gas consumption were saved, and production cost was reduced. Annual power consumption cost can be saved by RMB 316,800; natural gas consumption can be saved by RMB 543,510, adding up to RMB 860,310;

9.In the asphalt roll workshop, after cooling water tower is added to recirculating cooling water system of the production line, water consumption of the roll workshop averagely declined by 2,000 tons/month;

10.According to the actual power load of the production line, some power transformers were suspended. According to local policy, the application for power load based on percent calculation was made, so as to save the basic power charges of transformers and unit power charge, and effectively reduce the power cost of the plant;

11.Periodical inspection over the temperature of pipes and external thermal insulation layer was made, timely replacement and repair was made, so as to reduce thermal energy loss;

12.The power supply of the employees’ bath room was changed to solar energy and auxiliary electrical heating, so as to save energy consumption;

13.Chargeable power meter was installed to dormitory to improve employees’ awareness of energy saving and reasonably control the use of power. 

 ( 二) 低碳减排   



 (2) Low carbon and emission reduction  


 Producers  must be responsible for the waste caused in the production. In  accordance with this principle, Oriental Yuhong carried out  environmental evaluation, increased environmental  investment, unified production site management, and strengthened  control and treatment on pollutants and wastes, to reduce influence on  community and surrounding ecological environment.  



绿色施工Green building

东方雨虹严格遵循以下施工原则:减少场地干扰、尊重当地环境;施工结合气候;节约能源;减少环境污染, 提高环境品质;实施科学管理、保证施工质量,力争将施工周边环境的干扰和影响降到最低  


 Oriental  Yuhong strictly abides by the following building principles: reducing  site disturbance, respecting local environment, paying attention to  climate, saving energy, reducing  environmental pollution, increasing environmental quality, carrying out  scientific management, and ensuring construction quality, so as to  reduce construction disturbance and influence to the surrounding environment to the minimum level.  


 ( 一) 雨虹标准  




 (1) Yuhong Standard  


 In 2016, Oriental Yuhong continued to adopt “Standardization Construction Site” construction management system, covering various aspects, such as process, construction methods, collection of drawings, tools, and construction management etc., and through pre-post training, construction arrangement deployment, model demonstration, standardization construction equipment, field management, safety first, and engineering real-time tracking etc., formed standardized service chain, thereby realizing construction technology standardization, field capacity and appearance regularization, management process sequencing, internal management informatization, and scientific monitoring method.  


 ( 二 ) 防水工程机械化施工  





 (2) Waterproof Engineering Mechanization Construction  

 The company has spontaneously developed a series of mechanical construction equipment, such as the 200m long coiled materials construction vehicle, the 60m within coiled materials construction vehicle; electric high-pressure airless spraying machine, paint spray gun; crawl automatic welding machine, welding machine without perforation, and hand-held welding machine etc., most of these innovative equipment are the first in the industry, and compared with the traditional construction mode, while guaranteeing and improving the quality, they can improve the construction efficiency for 3-5 times, shorten the construction period 40%-60%, reduce labor costs, and are also characterized by accurate mixing of ingredients, uniformed and stable, with high technology content.  

 In promoting mechanization construction, Oriental Yuhong pays attention to the integration of practice with training, organized many times construction competition and field training, and promoted company wide mechanization construction.  


绿色生活Green life



 In 2016, Oriental Yuhong continuously carried out “green life” action advocating frugalness and fighting against waste.  




 The company called employees to be against food waste. It called different units to promote dinner table civilized etiquette, and fight against disposable tableware. Clean plate was advocated. Separate meal system was carried out for guest entertainment to reduce waste on dinner table. Employees warned and monitored each other and formed a good atmosphere “frugalness is honorable, and waste is shameful”.  




 In 2016, the company actively advocated living effectively “bitter days, hard days, and lean days" and, from major issues as management reform to minor topics as water-saving and power-conservation, making the company strong and increase efficiency has been the constant magic weapon of an enterprise to be industrious and thrifty in management. The various subsidiaries of Oriental Yuhong, including its Tianjin Company, Guangdong Company, Sichuan Company, Jiangsu Woniushan Company etc., all have carried on industry and frugality related training and practices, saved a large amount of manpower, material resources, and financial resources, and created a good atmosphere.


Employees are the most precious resources and wealth of an enterprise. Oriental Yuhong treasures highly the value of its employees. Adhering to the enterprise tenet of "for the country, for the society, for customers, for employees, for the shareholders", in combination with the company's developmental stage, industry features, and talent structure characteristics, Oriental Yuhong exerted efforts to explore relevant effective approach, sparing no efforts to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of its employees. In 2016, the company created internal and external communication channels, highlighted protection for the rights and interests of vulnerable groups, and strengthened security, environmental protection, and occupational health management; at the same time, built a multi-dimensional and solid employees care system, implemented diversified staff incentive policies, straightened out all employee career development channels, continuously promoted their growth and development, continually improved employee satisfaction, made great efforts to guarantee the realization of rights and interests of the employees, rewarded employees and contributed to the society wholeheartedly.


人才队伍建设Talent Team Construction  


Oriental Yuhong puts the people-centered development philosophy into practice, it plans to recruit 200-300 fresh university graduates each year, introduces American scientists, extensively absorbs excellent talents from both home and abroad, and won the national and provincial "Thousand Talents Program" award. The company adheres to its practice of retaining talent through cause, through benefits, through environment, and through emotional attachment, optimizes its talent team structure, and jointly promotes the lasting foundation of enterprise development.


Company Employee Professional Structure


Professional structure      


Number of persons      


Staff ratio      


Workers, Builders, Logistical personnel      








Sales persons      




Financial staff      



管理、职能人员Managers,   Functional official      








Company Employees by Education


Education   Background     


Number of   Employees      


Percentage of   Total Employees      

硕士以上(含硕士)Above Master’s Degree (including)      




Bachelor’s Degree      



大专以下(含大专)Below Junior College (including)      







弱势群体Vulnerable Groups

( 一 ) 公平、公正、无歧视的用工政策

Fair, Just and Nondiscriminatory


The company complies with the international convention on labor and human rights, abides by the Labor Law of the People's Republic of China, Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China and the Trade Union Law of the People's Republic of China, advocates recruitment policy of equality and non-discrimination, prohibits any acts of discrimination in recruitment, compensation, benefits, and promotion, gives fair treatment of employees of different nationality, race, and cultural background, fully respects the habits and customs of employees of all nationalities, respects employee’s rights to freedom of religious belief; focuses on promoting employment of women and minorities, and continually creates for employees a just, fair, harmonious, and humanistic working environment. At present, the company has 225 minority employees, accounting for 4.14%.


( 二 ) 妇女权益保障
Protection of Women’s Rights and Interests


Women's rights are one of the important rights of the human rights. The company respects female employee career development, practices equal pay with equal post for both men and women employees, women employees enjoy completely equal political rights, and under equal conditions, promotion favors female employees. As of the end of 2016, female senior management in the company accounted for 23.68%; in Trade Union management, employee general assembly and other important decision-making meetings, female employees accounted for 22.2% of the total number of all participants, enjoying equal rights and status.


The company cares for women employees' physical and mental health, strictly abides by the relevant state provisions, fully guarantees female employees "3-period" holidays, strictly prohibits female employees from participating in the 4th grade heavy manual works, strictly prohibits female employees from cold water and low temperature operation during menstrual period. Considering the special needs of female employees, in connection with hospital suggestions, during the different stages of pregnancy of female employees, supplements them with additional antenatal care holidays, after birth holidays, the post return rate of female employees will reach 100%. During "March 8th" (International Women’s Day) each year, the company prepares carefully personalized gift for every female employee, and they enjoy a half-day welfare holiday.

( 二 ) 弱势群体的保护
Vulnerable Group Protection


The company protects practically the legitimate rights and interests of the disabled and other vulnerable groups; the company also participates in recruitment fair specially prepared for the disabled every year, and provided for the disabled many posts of employment opportunities, such as sales representative, construction manager, and internal or office work. For instance, the company employed Mr. Xiong disabled to work in the company for 15 years, and has established with him a long-term stable open-ended employment relationship with the company. When his family fell continuously on hard times, aside from starting a loving fund, the company also initiated a full-staff donation program to help him live through the difficult times.


弱势群体Vulnerable Groups

( 一 )基本人权的保障(制度、渠道)

Basic Human Rights Protection (System, Channel)


Oriental Yuhong has established strict human resource management system, strictly prohibiting and resisting the recruitment of any form of child labor, strictly avoiding the occurrence of forced labor, as a result, the phenomenon of recruitment of child labor and forced labor has never occurred so far.


The company advocates "border-less communication" concept, and actively builds internal and external no-boundary communication channel. Employees may report all kinds of human rights issues or problems that they have encountered or may possibly occur across departments, cross-posts, cross-regional via office software, enterprise email, petition, report box and other kinds of online and offline channels. To the impeachment and petitions of employees, the company will investigate and deal with in time, and each investigation will reach its conclusion, and will never delay. In 2016, there is no, not even one, report of a case of violation of human rights or petition have occurred.


( 二 ) 劳工权益的申张

Upholding of Labor Rights and Interests



The company has set up Trade Union organization in accordance with relevant provisions, with employee enrollment rate reaching 100%. At the same time, the company has set up business committee to encourage employees to actively participate in enterprise innovation, business management, to listen to the voice of the operation front line, and respect the rights and interests of employees at the grass-roots level.


The Trade Union has set up labor dispute mediation committee and labor dispute mediator team, adheres to its practices of deep engagement with employees, listens to their voices through various channels, answers carefully hot, difficult and focus issues of their concern. To the major issues or problems reflected by employees, the Trade Union adheres to the principle that "consulting must be replied, complaints must be dealt with, and processing or treatment must have a result".


Employees’ labor relation, salary & benefit, labor protection, work time, holiday system and other events that are in close relation with employees’ interests are discussed by employee representative conference strictly in accordance with related policies and regulations. The conference fully listened to opinions and adopted suggestions of the staff, then negotiated, announced, and specified them in collective contracts.


In 2016, Oriental Yuhong laid emphasis on the introduction of professional macro data of the outside research organizations. When various industries see growth slowdown, it’s important to investigate the salary growth in various industries and regions. To see from the salary investigation result of CIIC in 2016, general salary growth in whole China declined from several years ago. Companies prefer better control of labor cost. In spite of uncertainties of market economy, Oriental Yuhong still insists on a salary growth rate higher than market average, in order to continuously give employees more competitive salaries.

( 三 ) 员工满意度

Employee Satisfaction


Oriental Yuhong continuously introduces consulting agencies to make investigation on employees’ satisfaction. In 2016, centering on key factors influencing employees’ satisfaction, including fair opportunity, development space, cultural atmosphere, salary & benefit, Oriental Yuhong made the investigation on the satisfaction degree of different levels of employees via office system and Wechat APP. 4,203 valid questionnaires were collected, and the staff participation rate reached 85.4%. The investigation identified key factors influencing employees’ satisfaction, specified detailed improvement measures, and effectively improved employees’ satisfaction. 



( 一 ) 保障就业
Employment security



Oriental Yuhong established and improved labor system and standardized employment management. 100% employees signed labor contracts. The company improved the system of posts to meet market demands and corporate development demands. It also established competitive employment system and gradually optimized employment structure, to avoid overuse of part-time laborers and guarantee employees’ benefit.


( 二 ) 促进当地就业
Local employment promotion



In 2016, the number of net increase of employees Oriental Yuhong was 1186, that is, created 1186 new jobs employment opportunities. The company insisted on localization recruitment policy, under equal conditions, priority was given to the hiring of local staff, which, relying on the rapid local business development of the company, strongly promoted the local employment rate. With its continuous strategic map expansion, the company had set up wholly owned subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Sichuan, Kunming, Nanjing, Shandong and Jiangsu respectively; established a production, R&D logistics bases in Beijing, Shanghai, Yueyang, Jinzhou, Huizhou, Xuzhou, Dezhou, Kunming, Tangshan, Xianyang, Wuhu, Luzhou, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Chuzhou, etc., which had greatly increased the local industrial aggregate economic volume, promoted the employment of local residents, and played a positive role in promoting the optimization of industrial structure and enriching industrial categories.


( 三 ) 校园招聘
Campus recruitment



In 2016, Oriental Yuhong carried out promotion and publicity activities in 58 colleges and universities across the country, organized a total of 44 large-scale campus talks, participated in 23 two-way selection meetings, and accepted 245 current year’s graduates.


薪酬激励Remuneration and Incentives



The company boasts a perfect compensation incentive system. Based on its post value evaluation and according to the principle of remuneration level marketization, the company defines its salary according to post, once the post changes, the remuneration will adjust accordingly, gives priority to efficiency, renders remuneration according to performance, takes count of justice; and at the same time, conducts regular salary review and adjustment, gradually improves all forms of medium and long-term incentives, strives to provide employees with stable, attractive, and relatively more perfect compensation system, and enjoys together the achievement of enterprise development.


Over the past three years, the average growth rate of employee’s remuneration was 10%, higher than the social average level of salary increase. Even in 2016 during the economic “new normal” circumstance, the company still continued to increase the staff salary, and tilted towards employees of the middle-level cadre staff, committed to developing and cultivating industry technology leading type technical personnel of Oriental Yuhong, and building the first-class waterproof craftsmen team.


Furthermore, Oriental Yuhong has improved social insurance and housing provident fund systems. It paid insurances for employees’ endowment, medical treatment, unemployment, employment injury, maternity and housing provident fund, with 100 percent coverage for all the employees. Meanwhile, the company specially bought accident insurance for employees who went on business trip throughout the year. It also bought accident and commercial insurance for employees who went on business trip of training or group activity. Make employees work comfortably and feel free to go on business trip.


In 2016, on the basis of the annual assessment for excellent and advanced units and individual employees, the company supplemented the category of quarterly-star commendation, according to which, advanced collectives and individuals with outstanding performance and fast growth in terms of engineering, technology, management, function, and sales etc., would be commended, and the awards were conferred especially to those front-line personnel fighting at the grass-roots level and ordinary sales personnel who had always set new records.


福利关爱Welfare Benefits and Care


Oriental Yuhong treats employees as family members, committed to building four welfare care systems, included life & assistance, health & safety, entertainment & care, tourist & holiday. For each significant day, Oriental Yuhong always tries to achieve "love, no miss". On staff birthday or wedding day, the company sends its birthday gift, new wedding gift money at the earliest time possible; during Mid-Autumn Festival, the Dragon-boat Festival, Spring Festival and other traditional festivals, the company holds all kinds of employee activities and distributes gifts; during the Spring Festival every year, the company also, with full gratitude, extends its sincere greetings and New Year’s gift to the parents of employees.

工作生活平衡 Work and Life Balance


The company pays attention to balancing the work and life of employees, advocates "Happy Work, Healthy Life" concept, strives to create conditions to enrich employee’s life outside of the eight working hours and to improve the well-being of their work. Strictly carries out employee paid-leave system, supports the free combination of a variety of holidays, and facilitates employee’s free travel with leisure. In 2016, the corporation revised annual vacation management method for employees. It lengthened employees’ annual vacation to 19 days, higher than the vacation length required by the state.


近年来,东方雨虹始终坚持责任先行,积极倡导并参与公益慈善事业,并将业务领域作为公益支持的重点领域,形成常态,努力建成具有高度社会责任感的一流企业。公司定期组织无偿献血、积极开展“服务百姓 拒绝渗漏”公益活动,为弱势群体提供免费防水维修、支持环保事业,公司与员工携手积极投身社会公益慈善事业。

In recent years, Oriental Yuhong has always adhered to its objective of duty first, actively advocated and participated in public welfare and charity undertakings, took its field of operation as the key field for routine public welfare support, and worked hard to build itself into a first-class enterprise with a high sense of corporate social responsibility. The company organized regularly unpaid blood donation, actively carried on “serve the masses, refuse leakage” public welfare activities, provided the vulnerable groups with free waterproofing maintenance, supported environmental protection undertakings, and actively plunged itself into social public welfare and charity undertakings in joint hands with its employees.

公益传播Public Benefits Propagation



Oriental Yuhong carried out 2016 “Voluntary Blood Donation Week” public welfare activity

On November 5, the employees of Oriental Yuhong came to the headquarter office building to donate blood for rescuing life. The 2016 Oriental Yuhong “Voluntary Blood Donation Week” was carried out here. 99 employees participate in the activity, and the average blood donation amount reached 200cc, and the total blood donation amount reached 17200cc. Branches and subsidiaries of Oriental Yuhong also carried out “Voluntary Blood Donation Week” public welfare activity.

东方雨虹自2009年初就着手开展“服务百姓 拒绝渗漏”活动。截止2016年11月30日,公益大讲堂活动开课480余场,累计为20多个空巢、孤寡、低保和对社会有突出贡献的家庭进行了免费的漏水维修;累计向数万名社区百姓直接传播了防水知识,发放了防水科普手册;通过电视、互联网媒体向千百万民众传播治理渗漏的理念。与东方雨虹联合推广过此项目的电视媒体包含:BTV生活频道《生活+》栏目、中央电视台2套《交换空间》栏目、武汉电视台、长沙电视台、成都电视台等。

From the beginning of 2009, Oriental Yuhong carried out “Serve Citizens, Refuse Leakage” activity. By November 30, 2016, more than 480 public welfare activities had been carried out. Free water leakage repair service was given to over 20 empty-nest families, old persons living alone, families with low income, and those families with outstanding contribution to the society. Waterproofing knowledge was publicized to dozens of thousands of citizens, and waterproofing science manuals were sent to them. Via TV and Internet, the anti-leakage concept of Oriental Yuhong was spread to hundreds of thousands of persons. TV media that have cooperated with Oriental Yuhong to spread anti-leakage concept include Life + program of BTV Life Channel, Space Interchange program of CCTV 2; Wuhan TV, Changsha TV, and Chengdu TV. 


In 2016, 43 lectures for public welfare were given, which influenced more than 2000 persons. The lectures were delivered in 13 communities: Xiluoyuan community, Shuangyushu community, Taipingqiao community, Tianshuiyuan community, Liuheyuan community, Sanhuan New City, Tianningsi community, Wangjing West Garden community, Shuizhuizi Beili community, Tsinghua University families residential community, Sanlitun community, Huangnanyuan community, and Ciyunsi Beili community. 


2016年1月21日,第五届中国公益节在京隆重举行,向公益践行者致敬。东方雨虹受邀出席此次盛会,并荣获“2015中国公益奖-集体奖”,同时,“雨虹在身边-服务百姓 拒绝渗漏”公益项目被授予“2015年度公益项目奖”。这也是东方雨虹连续第四年获得公益大奖。

Oriental Yuhong was invited to join in the Fifth China Charity Festival and won two awards

On January 21, 2016, the Fifth China Charity Festival was held in Beijing. Orientla Yuhong was invited to join in the festival. It won “2015 China Charity Award - Collective Award”. And its public welfare project “Oriental Yuhong around You – Serve Citizens, Refuse Leakage” won “2015 Charity Project Award”. This is the fourth consecutive year for Oriental Yuhong to win charity award. 



Oriental Yuhong organized “Empty Plate, Education Assist”

Public welfare is always a social responsibility gladly undertaken by Oirental Yuhong. With the care for education and in order to fulfill the call for frugality, on Mar. 28, Oriental Yuhong carried out “Empty Plate, Education Assist” public welfare activity. 

爱心传递Transmission of Love

作为以社会责任为己任的企业,公司从教育支持、环境保护、文化促进、社会关爱等诸多方面回馈社会,用实际行动履行社会责任,促进企业与社会和谐稳定的发展, 把社会责任融入企业发展,完善企业文化建设和推行社会责任相结合,号召并呼吁社会各界一起投身社会公益活动,为创造健康良性的生活环境尽一份绵薄之力,在创造企业价值的同时,创造社会更多价值。

Oriental Yuhong took social responsibility as its own responsibility. The company paid back the society with education support, environmental protection, culture promotion, and social care. It implemented social responsibility with practical actions, promoted harmonious and steady development of enterprise and society, integrated social responsibility into corporate development, and combined corporate culture construction with social responsibility. It called different circles to devote themselves to public welfare and contribute to the creation of a healthy life environment.

东方雨虹“服务百姓 拒绝渗漏”社区公益关爱抗战老兵


Oriental Yuhong carried out “Serve Citizens, Refuse Leakage” public welfare activity to send love to old anti-Japanese solider

The public welfare activity was carried out to send love to an old  anti-Japanese soldier who was worried about the leakage of his old house. Continuous water leakage caused the peeling of interior wall, humidity and mildew. The ex-soldier had to open windows to ensure ventilation. Also tortured by rheumatism and trachitis, he is in a bad health condition. In order to completely solve water leakage problem of the old soldier’s house, Oriental Yuhong sent a professional construction team to diagnose the leakage. The team made careful and through inspection on leakage points and put forward reasonable solution. Professionals took waterproofing measure to repair the house. Every leakage point was given multiple times of waterproofing coating, in order to create a reassuring living environment for the old solider.




Xuzhou Woniushan donated scholarship to Tangdian Shangying Primary School 

In the morning of April 7, Xuzhou Woniushan New-type Waterproofing Material Co., Ltd. donated scholarship to Tangshan Shangying Primary School and attended the commendation conference of the school. Mr. Yang Wenxin, Director of Xuzhou Woniushan, Li Fuchun, Representative of Xinyi Education Development Base, Sun Jingqiu, Principal of Tangtian Town Central Primary School, parents of award-winning students, students and teachers of the whole primary school attended the conference. 

This commendation conference announced three awards: Hongzhu Award, Hongyan Award, and Hongzhi Award. 15 excellent teachers, 90 excellent students, and 40 other students from poor families got scholarship issued by Xuzhou Woniushan.



Yueyang Oriental Yuhong donated book fund to the rural culture hall of Yunxi District

On April 27, “Yunxi Lecture” was delivered in Yunxi District, Yueyang City. It was hosted by Du Yu, standing member of the district Party Committee, organization department director, and united front work department director, as well as Hu Die, standing member of the district Party Committee and propaganda department director. Yueyang Oriental Yuhong was invited to hear the lecture and it donated RMB 10,000 book fund to the rural culture hall of Yunxi District. 


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